Gale McMillan started in the fiberglass stock business in 1973 by producing a benchrest stock. The standard Benchrest stock has a 3 inch wide forend and is designed to accommodate most custom actions used in benchrest today. There is a mold design specifically for Remington 40X actions where the tang is blended to match the action.

Benchrest Stocks LV, HV, and HC Inletted blanks $347.50
Completely finished $393.00

Light and Heavy Benchrest

The Light and Heavy Benchrest stocks are made from the same mold, with the only difference being the weight. The benchrest stocks vary in weight from just under two pounds up to four pounds, and can achieve a requested weight plus or minus two ounces.

Hunter Class

The Hunter Class stock is identical to the standard Benchrest, except that the flares on the forend have been removed to meet the 2.250 inch requirement. In addition, a Hunter Class stock specifically designed for a Remington 700 or 40X can be offered. A sporter stock is generally the same as the Light Varmint stockThe standard weight for the Light Varmint and Hunter Class is approximately 1lb. 12oz. and the Heavy Varmint is approximately 2lbs. 6oz. Camouflage or marble colors and graphite will add 2oz. Available in right and left-hand.

Tooley MBR

The Tooley MBR stock, designed by David Tooley, has gained acceptance in the shooting industry faster than any stock McMillan has introduced. Designed for 1000 Yard Benchrest shooting, this stock is proven to enhance performance. It has an extra long 3 inch wide forend for extended tracking surface. This stock will accommodate actions or sleeves with a maximum diameter of 1.750 inches. The large straight comb butt stock was designed with the bottom running at a three degree slant to allow it to move down and away from the face under heavy recoil. This allows the rifle to track extremely well. The MBR is not legal for standard I.B.S. and NBRSA Benchrest. The MBR has a minimum weight of about 3.75lbs. Available in right and left-hand.

MBR stocks Basic Stock Price (Includes inletting and finish of your choice) $425.00 Completely Finished Custom Drop-in (Includes Pachmayr Presentation Pad and finish of your choice) $481.00
Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad $20.00

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