There are two styles of BR-50 stocks.

Anschutz BR-50

The Anschütz® BR-50 stock has a vertical pistol grip while the butt stock offers a high roll-over type monte carlo cheek piece with a flared 3 inch forend. It was specifically designed for the 2000 series Anschütz® receivers but can be utilized for most smallbore actions.

McMillan BR 50

The McMillan BR is our second BR-50 style stock and is a variation of our standard Benchrest stock. The flare has been removed under the action so that it does not interfere with the bolt. The forend has been shortened for improved appearance when used in conjunction with 19, 20 or 21 inch barrels. Available in right and left-hand.

Anschütz® is a registered trademark of J.G Anschütz GMBH & CO KG, Germany and U.S.A.
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