McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc. has its roots in the competition-shooting arena. Starting with benchcrest stocks, we have expanded our line to include Highpower, Smallbore, and Pistol Silhouette, NRA High Power, Palman, Sportsman Team Challenge, BR-50, IR 50-50, 1,000 yard Benchcrest, 50 Caliber Benchrest, F Class and Tatical Competition stocks.

Every style stock is designed and manufactured to aid the shooter in his quest to be the very best he can be. Competition stocks can be produced to meet very specific needs and are custom made to each individual order. This allows the shooter to choose the type of accessories that best suit their needs. Integral and saddle type cheek pieces, 3-way adjustable butt plates, vertically adjustable butt plates, adjustable spacer systems and handstop rails give the shooter a wide variety of options, stocks are base priced as inletted blanks, with additional charges for accessories.

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