McMillan Stocks for Sako

Sako rifles are easily the most popular of the European rifles. In addition, Sako has produced some of the most aesthetically pleasing stock designs available. The Hunter, Classic, and the Varmint designs can be made for nearly all Sako actions. Since Sako often changes its actions, it is imperative that we have complete information to ensure your satisfaction. Call for details.

Fitting Your Sako Action.

Since Sako often changes its actions, we must know the model number to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Sako Hunter, Sako Classic, Sako Varmint and Sako Thumbhole stock designs can be inletted for most of the older Sako actions from the L461-L579-L61R series thru the AI, AII, AV series and the 491-591-691 series. We have reduced size versions for the little L461 and AI actions. The older L46 and L59 actions will not fit our stock designs and we do not offer stocks for them. We can also inlet our Sako stocks for the Tikka 595-695 series rifles and the Tikka T3 rifles, as well as the Sako A7 rifles and the Howa/Vanguard series of rifles.

The newer Sako 75 series require their own stock designs and these stocks are so indicated.

The newest Sako 85 series also requires their own designs and we have versions of the Sako Hunter and Sako Classic stocks for this series.

Please call or email for details.