Identifying Your Winchester Rifle

This model differs from the newer models in that the very rear of the receiver is shaped like a clover-leaf and is often referred to as a Model 70 with a clover-leaf tang. As the name indicates, it was produced prior to World War II.

This Model 70 was produced prior to 1964 and is identified by the circular tool marks on the front bridge (where scope mounts attach). Although these rifles look very much like the modern Model 70, the stocks and the inletting are not interchangeable.

Late Model 70:
Whether or not Winchester called them "the New Pre-64," all Model 70's produced after 1964 are late Model 70's.

The "New Pre-64":
This name refers to the fact that the receiver is a "controlled round feed" but everything else about the rifle makes it a "Late Model." Prior to the mid-eighties all Model 70's were "long actions." Since then there are "short" for calibers up to .308 and "long" for the larger calibers. It is important that you indicate which length action you have.

McMillan Stocks for Montana Rifleman:
Most Winchester stock designs can also be inletted for the Montana Rifleman series of actions.