The AHR is specifically designed to fit the CZ 550 actions. It has a straight comb and cheek piece, available in right-hand only, and does not have checkering. For magnum 550 Express Rifle floorplates, see Express Rifle Stock on this page.

Anschutz 64 Lightweight

The A64 Lightweight is a very nice small .22 sporter type stock with a high roll-over monte carlo cheek piece and a small schnabel forend. It was patterned after the 1700 and only accommodates the Model 64 actions. Available in right-hand only.


The Express rifle stock was designed for large caliber rifles with drop belly magazines such as the BBK-02, the 602, and the Magnum Mauser actionsThe medium-width forend will accept up to and including a #5 barrel contour. Available in right-hand only.


The McClassic is a classic stock, without a cheek piece, and was designed specifically to fit the square tang type actions. It works extremely well with the Shilen DGA, Stolle Kodiak, and Hall custom actions. It will accommodate up to and including a #5 barrel contour. This stock will not work properly with Remington 700, Winchester 70 or Sako actions. Available in right and left-hand.

Neska Bay Varmint

The Nesika Bay Varmint The stock was specifically designed for Nesika bay actions. It is similar to the Remington Varmint straight comb no check piece and beavertail forend. It can be inletted for right or left-hand actions and can be shot from either side. It is not available with checkering


The Sauer stock is a European style stock with monte carlo cheek piece and a small palm swell. It is available for the Colt Sauer, Sauer 80, and the Sauer 90. Because of the difficulty in fitting the clip properly, it is imperative that we have the barreled action to ensure proper function and fit. Available in right-hand only.


Tikka 65 is very similar to the Sako Hunter. It has a small small palm swell, a little cast off, and some cant. This allows the shooter easier sight acquisition as well as better shoulder-to-stock fit. Fits Model 65 rifles only.

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