McMillan Ultralight Edge

Stocks currently available for immediate sale!

At just 22oz, the new McMillan Ultralight EDGE is 1/3 lighter and much stiffer Than a traditional benchrest stock. The outer shell is 100% graphite for low weight and stiffness. The radical fore-end is engineered like a structural beam for extra stiffness in vertical axis. Oversize siderails resist torque and improve tracking in a front rest. An ultra low center of gravity improves stability. And an adjustable weight system in the bullstock lets you fine tune weight and balance.

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About the Edge!

The EDGE (Evolutionary Design, Graphite Engineered)

McMillan Ultralight Edge

The EDGE is an evolutionary new design in benchrest stocks. Designed and engineered with input from top benchrest shooters from around the world. It is stiffer and more stable than any stock on the market with incomparable tracking qualities. The shell is made completely of graphite with a molded in barrel channel for increased stiffness. The receiver area is filled with a new lighter but stronger material than ever before. The barrel channel will accommodate the largest legal benchrest contour. Two vertical sidewalls increase stiffness by 30% over conventionally shaped forends. There is a 1/2" flat on the buttstock, which is tapered to meet the minimum angle required by both the NBRSA and the IBS. The buttstock includes an integral weight chamber. A weight system is available for fine-tuning and balancing light varmint rifles but is not designed for converting from light varmint to heavy varmint. Stocks are available inletted and un-unletted. We have two molds, one for Remington style tang receivers and one for square tang receivers (Panda, Viper, Nesika, Grizzley, Hall, etc.)


McMillan Edge HBR

Adapted from the EDGE benchrest stock the EDGE HBR is specifically designed for Hunter Class competition. The forend has been narrowed to 2.238" by removing the lower rail from the EDGE stock, leaving a solid platform with 1'2" tall sidewalls. The buttstock has a 1/2" flat at the minimum required angle. Unlike the EDGE, the EDGE HBR does not incorporate a weight system, and will be filled so that you can adjust the length of pull. Made of a graphite shell and newly developed lighter, stronger fill, the stock weighs in at 22 ounces. Superior tracking and stability makes this stock the choice of top Hunter Class competitors around the country. We have just one mold for Remington style tang receivers only.

EDGE stocks currently available for immediate sale!
(Dealer prices available)
H -White and Gray Bruno
RBRP Inlet 23oz 385.00
A -Green and Black Rem
No Inlet 22.50oz 325.00

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