The McMillan Caping Knife is designed specifically for fine detail work when caping a trophy for mounting. As a small knife with a fine blade, it is well suited for precision cape preparation around the eyes, ears, mouth and antlers. The shape of the point allows delicate work in small areas, while preventing the puncture of the hide. It is also an excellent knife for general utility use around the camp, kitchen or shop.

The McMillan Caping Knife has a 2.5" long blade with serrations along the top for the guiding index finger. The overall length is 6.75" The handcrafted handle is made from micarta and features the characteristic McMillan mosaic handle pins. Each blade receives an NP3 treatment for superior anti-corrosion properties.

The Caping Knife is made exclusively for McMillan by DiamondBlade, a custom knife maker recognized for durability and unsurpassed blade sharpness. Each knife is manufactured using DiamondBlade's proprietary Friction Forging®, a localized forging process concentrated in the blade's edge zone using high pressure and frictional heat.

Friction Forging creates a differential heat treatment resulting in a blade with a higher 65-68 Rockwell hardness on the edge for durability and sharpness, with a lower hardness value of 45 in the knife spine for structural strength to prevent breakage under force. Friction Forging produces nano-sized steel grain microstructures creating the finest, sharpest and longest lasting edge available today. Friction Forging also changes the steel's molecular structure and elevates the chromium content within the steel's ferrite grain structure to produce a corrosion-proof edge zone.

Knives are made in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty. Each McMillan Caping Knife is individually serial numbered and comes with a leather sheath.

Caping knife and Hunting Knife together with double sheath for combo
If you have already purchased the McMillan Hunting Knife, your purchase of the companion Caping Knife will include two sheaths at no additional charge – a single sheath for the Caping Knife and a double sheath for the combo.

The McMillan Caping Knife set sells for $349.00 plus tax and can be purchased through McMillan.

The McMillan Hunting Knife and Caping Knife combo set sells for $795.00 and comes with double sheaths. Purchases can be made through McMillan.


Check out this video to see why these two hunting knives are all you need.

Caping knife blade is 2.5 inches long and Hunting knife blade is 4 inches long
Caping Knife: 6.75"
Hunting Knife: 8.70"

Caping knife point backside serrated for guiding index finger
The knife point is designed for caping and has serrations for the guiding index finger.


hand crafted micarta handle with mcmillan mosaic pins
Hand crafted micarta handle with McMillan mosaic handle pins.

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