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The McMillan Process

Kelly McMillan gives Bob Beck, host of Extreme Outer Limits TV show, a tour of the McMillan factory. Watch the series of videos below and learn what it takes to build a McMillan custom fiberglass stock.

Powder Temp Video
Building a Custom Stock
Powder Temp Video
Stock Inletting
Powder Temp Video
Bedding an Action
Powder Temp Video
Fit and Finish
Powder Temp Video
Quality Control
Powder Temp Video
Receiver Tuning
Powder Temp Video
Barrel Chambering
Powder Temp Video
Final Assembly

Powder Temp VideoMcMillan Partners with Barnes for Load Development
What Scope Did McMillan Choose for its EOL Hunting LineDo You Know the Difference between Today’s African Safaris and Those from the Past?
What Scope Did McMillan Choose for its EOL Hunting LineWhat Scope Did McMillan Choose for its EOL Hunting Line?
What Made this Elk so Special to Kelly McMillanWhat Made this Elk so Special to Kelly McMillan?
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Kelly McMillan Interviews Skip KnowlesKelly McMillan Interviews Skip Knowles
McMillan on the History Channel - The Longest ShotMcMillan on the History Channel – The Longest Shot
McMillan Rifles VideoMcMillan Rifles Video
The McMillan TAC 50 sniper rifle holds the world recordThe McMillan TAC 50 sniper rifle holds the world record for the longest confirmed sniper rifle shot at 2,430 meters
Interview with Garrett of McMillan FirearmsInterview with Garrett of McMillan Firearms
McMillan Interview Charlie of McMillan FirearmsInterview with Charlie of McMillan Firearms
tacticalcatalogMcMillan Marksmanship Training Course Video
tacticalcatalogMcMillan Experiment, Part 1
tacticalcatalogAt Shot Show with Rob Furlong, January 2010
tac50part2McMillan NRA Range Event
tac50part2McMillan’s Tactical Product Video
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tac50part2McMillan’s Custom Collection Product Video
tac50part2Ultimate Weapons TV includes McMillan TAC 50 Rifle in Top Ten Sniper Rifles.
tac50part2“Canadian Forces Use TAC-50” Part 1
tac50part1“Canadian Forces Use TAC-50” Part 2

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McMillan 2013 Retail Price Guides for Tactical Rifles

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McMillan 2013 Hunting Rifles Price Guide



McMillan ALIAS® Rifle Line Owners Manual

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McMillan TAC-50 Owners Manual

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McMillan TAC-Series G30 Tactical Owners Manual





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