For a Limited Time McMillan Extends Our Free Marksmanship Training Offer When You Purchase a McMillan Rifle

A $500 Value. FREE.

Course Title: FREE Marksmanship Training Course
The McMillan two-day Marksmanship Training Course is free for owners of any McMillan rifle. Taught on McMillan rifle ranges in Arizona, the course covers the fundamentals of marksmanship, including properly sighting a rifle, adjusting your scope, and shooting out beyond 1,000 yards. The course will also cover the mil-dot system, doping the wind, competing with other participants in a long-range, timed event, and firearms maintenance and range safety. You'll work one-on-one with qualified McMillan instructors engaging targets from a hundred yards out to a mile or more. And you will spend a memorable two days with fellow McMillan owners of all skill levels.

Get the most from your McMillan firearm. Make your plans to attend now!

Course Title: FREE Marksmanship Training Course
Date: To be determined
Cost: Free for owners of McMillan rifles and their guests. $500 for non-owners.
Space is limited! Register now!

tactical training

McMillan Offers New Precision Level Training Course for McMillan Rifle Owners


Course Title: Precision Level Training Course
McMillan is expanding our course offerings to include our new intermediate training course designated Precision Level. The three-day course will highlight tactical rifles and includes detailed instruction on long-range shooting, standard and non-standard positions, low-light shooting, introduction to night vision shooting, and introduction to ballistics and angle shooting. The course is only open to McMillan rifle owners. Participants must have completed the Basic Level course or receive prior approval before registering for this course. The cost to attend is $990 per person. Be sure to register early, the course can only accommodate 16 students.

Course Title: Precision Level Training Course
Date: To be determined
Cost: $990 per person
Prerequisite: McMillan Marksmanship Training Course or prior approval
Space is limited! Register now!

McMillan will be scheduling a Precision Level Course for 50 cal owners in the near future. Please let us know if you are interested, and we'll add you to the list.

McMillan offers the following services to make your training experience more enjoyable:

  • McMillan can receive and store rifle shipments until the course begins and provide return shipping when the course is completed.
  • McMillan can transport all weapons, ammunition and other gear to and from the range.
  • McMillan can store all weapons, ammunition and gear at our facility for its safety and security.
  • McMillan now offers for purchase its own brand of .50 caliber match grade ammunition. To avoid shipping and transportation issues, purchase McMillan's ammunition in advance and it will be waiting for you at the range.
  • McMillan offers a full line of Black Hills ammunition. This is the same ammunition McMillan uses to test fire all its rifles except the TAC-50.
  • If interested in purchasing ammunition from McMillan, please place the order as soon as possible to guarantee its availability.
  • McMillan also offers a wide range of other accessory products and apparel. All of these products will be available for purchase at the time of the course.

Once you register for one of the courses you will receive an information packet, including dates, requirements, items needed on the range, a list of events, course schedule, rules and regulations, and much more.


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