McMillan has partnered with DiamondBlade to offer a premium custom hunting knife. DiamondBlade knives are recognized for durability and unsurpassed blade sharpness. Knives are made in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty.

Each McMillan knife is individually serial numbered and manufactured using DiamondBlade's proprietary Friction Forging®, a localized forging process concentrated in the blade's edge zone using high pressure and frictional heat.

Facts about Friction Forging:

  • Produces "nano-sized" steel grain microstructures creating the finest, sharpest and longest lasting edge in existence today.
  • Creates differential heat treatment resulting in a blade with a higher Rockwell hardness edge zone and a lower hardness value in the knife spine.
  • Produces a corrosion-proof edge zone by changing the steel's molecular structure and elevating the chromium content within the steel's ferrite grain structure.

Additional Features:

  • Drop point blade engraved with McMillan's logo
  • NP3 Anti-Corrosion treatment
  • 65-68 Rockwell edge hardness, 45 Rockwell spine hardness
  • 4.0" blade length
  • 8.70" overall length
  • 5.5 oz weight
  • Handle has mosaic handle pins, tapered handle tang and
    handcrafted fit and finish

On a recent McMillan hunt, a single knife was used to field dress four nilgai and skin and quarter three others without having to sharpen the knife. Now that’s a high performance knife.

Kydex lined, split cowhide sheath included

The McMillan DiamondBlade Knife sells for $495 plus tax and can be purchased through McMillan.


Thumb serration


Sleek blue/black micarta, handcrafted handle has mosaic handle pins and a tapered handle tang

Manufactured using DiamondBlade’s Friction Forging® resulting in the finest, sharpest and longest lasting edge in existence

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