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McMillan TAC-308 Precision Tactical Rifle
Author: Charlie Cutshaw

When one thinks of precision tactical rifles, one of the first names that come to mind is McMillan. McMillan has established a well - deserved reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality and most accurate rifles on the planet. McMillan manufactures a complete line of rifles for sports shooters, competitive shooters and military or law enforcement snipers. If a standard McMillan rifle doesn't meet customer requirements, the company will build a rifle that does, although we can't imagine a rifle like our test rifle NOT meeting a law enforcement sniper's needs!

All rifles include a McMillan custom pillar bedded fiberglass stock, a match grade stainless steel barrel, Remington type trigger and are finished in Dura-Coat, a durable wear-resistant polymer.The McMillan family ensures that every product that leaves their manufacturing facility reflects the McMillan family name and that their personal pride and involvement with the manufacturing process ensures that the McMillan family name continues to maintain its enviable reputation in the firearms industry.

G30 Action

Underside of a McMillan Action   Recessed Bolt Face for Strength Recessed bolt face for strength
Underside of a McMillan Action

innovative G30 bolt disassembles
The innovative G30 bolt disassembles easily without tools so you can clean the firing pin assembly.

McMillan's "top of the line" TAC-Series rifles are built by the company to aerospace standards, with each McMillan G30 action CNC machined from a solid billet. The action material is 17-4 stainless steel, which is tougher and more corrosion resistant that the 4000-series alloy often encountered in firearms. The G30 action steel is hardened to 42-43 Rockwell C.

The action face is absolutely perpendicular to the bolt axis. General tolerances are held to 0.005 inch while critical components are machined to 0.0005 inch. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical tolerances and then hand fitted. The bolt is made of 9310 steel, even tougher than that used in the receiver and then is hardened to over 60 Rockwell C. The bolt has spiral grooves to facilitate smooth operation in hostile dust or sand environments. Bolt ways are wire EDM machined rather than broached for cleaner machining, tighter tolerances and smoother feel when the bolt is operated. Bolt lugs are hand lapped to the receiver to provide equal force and square contact by both lugs. This minimizes side thrust or torque on the action and bedding surfaces. Recoil lugs are surface ground on both sides and pinned to the receiver for a perfectly square match up between the action face and the barrel shank. The bolt face, barrel shank and receiver completely surround the cartridge case head for added strength.

The extractor on the TAC-Series rifles are a large Sako-style "claw" of McMillan's own design for positive extraction and controlled round feeding. A feature unique to the TAC-Series rifles is dual ejectors. The primary ejector is a Remington-type plunger coupled with a secondary spring loaded mechanical ejector that rises from the receiver as the bolt passes over it. One way or the other the spent cartridge is going to be ejected!

TAC-308 shown in gray finish to match stock, other finishes available. Choose from black, olive, tan and dark earth.

Our TAC-308 test rifle came to us essentially "ready to go," with everything needed to deploy operationally. The scope is a Nightforce 5.5-22x, zeroed at the factory. Scopes from other manufacturers are optional, if the customer desires them. All that would be necessary to deploy the TAC-308 operationally would be to confirm zero with the ammunition of choice.

The TAC-308 also was equipped with a Harris bipod and MIL-STD-1913 rails on top and both sides of the forend to allow mounting accessories and state of the art night vision optics such as the current military standard AN/PVS-22.

In addition to the features listed above, our test rifle had several extras. The barrel was a 20-inch long match grade stainless barrel, 1 in 11 inch twist rate and recessed match crown. The muzzle was threaded to accept a suppressor. As might have been expected, the stock was one of McMillan's excellent "A3-5" types that pillar beds the action and fully free floats the barrel. The stock was molded-in green, and came with adjustable butt spacer system, adjustable cheekrest and McMillan recoil pad. The pad was aggressively textured to ensure that it stayed in place regardless of conditions. The bottom end of the rifle featured a Badger Ordnance trigger housing with two detachable five round box magazines. The Remington style trigger was set to break like the proverbial glass rod at an average pull weight of 2.7 pounds with zero creep or over travel. The scope base has a 20 MOA bevel for long-range engagements.

The proof of any rifle is in the shooting and the TAC-308 confirmed McMillan's excellent reputation! In all the rifles we have tested over the years, not one has performed with such consistent accuracy with all types of ammunition as McMillan's TAC-308. The TAC-308 was essentially a half-minute of angle rifle, no matter what ammunition we used. Needless to say, there were no malfunctions of any sort.

Tac-308 rifles are sold seperately or as a complete tactical kit
Rifles are sold separately or as a complete tactical rifle kit, including rifle, scope, case and accessories. Kits are available with or without night vision equipment. Call for contract pricing.

Completely equipped with scope and bipod, the TAC-308 retails at nearly $8,000. Without accessories, the rifle sells for just less than $5,000. Although this may sound expensive, we have tested rifles that cost more but did not deliver the overall performance of the McMillan. In short, the McMillan TAC-308 is a rifleman's rifle and at the price we consider it a bargain!

SPECFICATIONS: McMillan TAC-308 Precision Tactical Rifle
Caliber: .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm)
Operation: Manual, rotating bolt
Barrel length: 20 inches
Overall length: 40.5 inches
Weight: 14.5 lbs (As tested.)

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McMillan TAC-308 Precision Tactical Rifle
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