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McMillan Introduces the Competition Series of Rifles

McMillan 50 Light Benchrest Rifle

McMillan introduces the rifles Competition Series: McMillan 50 Light Benchrest Rifle (LBR) and the TUBB 2000. Each rifle is designed for precision shooting and uses the finest components available in the industry. The rifles are assembled to benchrest tolerances by McMillan master rifle builders and tuned to impeccable standards.

The 50 LBR weighs approximately 28 pounds without optics and conforms to Fifty Caliber Shooting Association's (FCSA) Light, Heavy and Unlimited class rules. It is built on the McMillan 50 caliber single shot action. The RBLP (right bolt left port) configuration is popular with benchrest competitors for its ability to facilitate the loading and unloading of the rifle at the bench with the shooter's free hand. The muzzle brake is similar to the ones used on McMillan's TAC-50 tactical rifles but incorporates a symmetrical vent design that is more comfortable when shooting from a bench. The rifle includes the ergonomic McMillan 50 LBR stock, which has been a mainstay in the 50-caliber benchrest competition circuit. The stock is known for its stability, stiffness and ability to ride the bags.

McMillan 50lbr Competition Rifle

Adding to the versatility, the 50 LBR will accept most factory as well as match ammunition available on the market.

Click here for more information on the 50 LBR.

TUBB 2000 Rifle

The TUBB 2000 was designed by Rock McMillan and David Tubb, one of the nation's top high power and silhouette shooters. The TUBB 2000 is built for high power rifle competition and every feature is designed to help top shooters win at this demanding sport. Nearly everything is adjustable allowing the shooter to create a rifle that can hold exactly the right positions across the course of fire. Not only is it adjustable, it is easily adjustable. One large Allen wrench is all that is required. What's more, the components are indexed so the adjustments can be quickly repeated during a match. The TUBB 2000 disassembles easily and can be transported in two pieces. It is also unaffected by temperatures and weather conditions and is also very rugged and durable in the field.

tubb 2000 rifle

The TUBB 2000 is currently available in the following calibers: 6XC and 308 WIN.

No matter how your body is built and what position you are shooting, this rifle will fit you.

Click here for more information on the TUBB 2000 rifle.

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