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Hunting a world class deer with a world class hunting rifle

Hunting A World Class Deer with A World Class Hunting Rifle
Author: Nicholas G. Papagalos

Not often in a lifetime will a hunter get to see an outdoor magazine quality trophy whitetail deer in person. It's even better when you are viewing that trophy through the scope of your rifle.

Such was the remarkable experience at the most recent McMillan sponsored trophy hunt at Campos Viejos Ranch in Southeast Texas. Booked through McMillan, eight hunters assembled for a mixed bag of trophy whitetail deer, exotic Blackbuck, and the occasional javelina.

Kelly McMillan and his Blackbuck   Tim Peters with his brusier buck
Kelly McMillan and his Blackbuck taken with a McMillan Dynasty in 300 Win Mag.   Tim Peters with his bruiser buck. His choice of rifle was the McMillan Tactical Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag.

What made the hunt even more special was that everyone was provided with a McMillan Custom Collection hunting rifle to use during the three-day hunt. Hunters got the experience of shooting a world-class deer with a world-class rifle.

The first night, we walked into the main room of the hunting lodge to find eight McMillan rifles spread across the table in different calibers and models, all sporting high dollar scopes. We got to choose which one we wanted to hunt with. It was like walking up to a row of formula one race cars and picking out the one you would drive in the Grand Prix.

There were many other memorable moments, too. For example at the sight-in range, six different people took one shot each from a McMillan Long Range Hunter in a 15-20 mph crosswind, a bluster strong enough to blow a gun case off the shooting bench. One of the guides let out a low whistle when looking through the spotting scope when he saw the 1 MOA group staring back at him.

Danielle Jackson, one of several guides on the hunt. Bet you didn't know hunting guides can be so good looking. Danielle Jackson - guide on hunt

Each day, everyone hit the field with their own personal guide. By the end of the third day, each hunter had a trophy whitetail deer. What a far cry from hunts I am used to where perhaps only one or two hunters in a party of eight score a much humbler deer. Some hunters also bagged a Blackbuck, a beautiful exotic species with antlers twisted into the shape of a slender spire.

hoods open to keep critters from cozying up All hoods are opened at night to keep the critters from cozying up to the warm engines ... and chewing the wiring.

Overall, the game was remarkable. The guides were skilled. The accommodations were top notch. And the food was abundant. It was truly a memorable hunt.

hunting lodge - wall of spectacular heads   Nora Nell best cook in Texas
Every respectable hunting lodge needs a wall of spectacular heads.   Nora Nell, the best cook in Texas.

Keep on the lookout for more McMillan hunts coming up. If you've ever wanted to book a quality hunt here or abroad, you can trust a McMillan hunt for a professional, memorable experience.

To view more photos, please visit McMillan's Trophy Room.

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