McMillan G30 Push Feed Action

Short Action $1495
Long Action $1495
Jewell trigger with safety $250

Short Action Long Action
Length 7.75 in Length 8.75 in
Weight 1.35 lbs Weight 1.75 lbs
Outside Diameter 1.36 in Outside Diameter 1.36 in
Magazine Length BDL 2.840 in Magazine Length BDL 3.680 in
Magazine Length DBM 2.870 in Magazine Length DBM 3.640 in
Max Desirable Barrel Diameter 1.29 in

Max Desirable Barrel Diameter 1.29 in


McMillan G30 Push Feed Action Callout

(1) Premium Grade Stainless Steel. The body of every action is machined from 17-4 stainless steel. This is a tougher, more corrosion resistant material compared to 4000-series alloy often used on firearms. The surface of the action is hardened to 42-43 RC. The bolt body uses even tougher 9310 steel, surface hardened to over 60 RC. Tight benchrest tolerances. Decades of experience in the benchrest circuit have shown that absolute concentricity of the bolt and the action body around the axis defined by the bore line of the barrel is paramount to precision shooting. Each McMillan action is CNC machined from a centerless ground billet blank, not a forging. The face of the action is absolutely perpendicular to the axis of the bolt. Tolerances on general metalwork are held to within 0.005". Critical parts are held to 0.0005" tolerances.

(2) Fluted Bolt Aids Reliability. Flutes sweep mud and grit away, helping to keep the action operating smoothly in harsh environments.

(3) Accepts Remington-Style Trigger.

(4) Even the Underside of a McMillan Action is a Work of Art. In a production action, this area is finished poorly with burrs and tool marks to save costs. In contrast, every component of a McMillan G30 action shows precision engineering and attention to detail throughout, whether the area is hidden or exposed.

McMillan G30 Action Underside


(5) Recessed Bolt Face for Strength.The bolt face, the barrel shank and the action all surround the cartridge head to add strength in this critical area during ignition.

McMillan G30 Bolt Action


Dual Fail-Safe Ejector. The McMillan G30 push feed action uses a Remington-style plunger ejector, plus a secondary backup spring-loaded mechanical ejector that lifts up as the bolt body passes over it.

Bolt Raceways Are Cut with Wire EDM. Electrical Discharge Machining produces tighter tolerances, no tool marks, and a smoother sliding bolt.

Claw Extractor for Positive Extraction. The McMillan push feed action uses a “Sako-style” claw extractor of our own design. This produces positive extraction and push-round feeding.

(6) No Tools Bolt Disassembly. The innovative G30 bolt disassembles easily without tools so you can clean the firing pin assembly.

McMillan G30 Action No Tools


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