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The tactical version of the ergonomic TUBB rifle.

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McMillan TAC-50 Rifle

Professional tactical marksmen must often hold position for hours at a time. What’s more, one rifle may have to serve several marksmen in a unit – individuals who may have different preferences about how a rifle should fit.  The SPEC-TAC-LR brings the TUBB 2000 rifle’s ergonomics of full adjustability to the tactical field.

Designed by famous rifle shooter David Tubb, the SPEC-TAC-LR is a modification of the highly successful TUBB 2000 rifle. A tactical accessory rail system, pinch-block for riding sandbags, muzzle brake, bipod system, flush mount sling swivels, and splash camo finish convert a proven national championship winning rifle platform into a superb tactical rifle.   

As with the TUBB 2000, the buttstock, cheekpiece, forend, sight position and trigger are fully adjustable so that a shooter can hold exactly the right position comfortably. The components are indexed so the adjustments can be quickly repeated if different shooters are using the rifle.

All barrel and action components are machined to benchrest tolerances. The stainless match grade barrel can be changed by the shooter with a simple barrel vise. TUBB 2000 action wrenches are avilable through McMillan Firearms. The all metal construction gives repeatability of zero despite changes in temperature and humidity.

The buttstock removes easily to allow a shooter to break down the SPEC-TAC-LR to fit into a discrete carry case.


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mcmillan m3a detail mcmillan m3a detail 2 mcmillan m3a mcmillan m3a detail
McMillan TAC-50 Rifle

(1) The receiver is machined from 17-4 stainless steel to true benchrest quality standards. The design features a solid top with a trim loading port. This increases action stability, stiffness, and strength. The loading port is easily accessible and is angled to aid the shooter in single loading rounds. The SPEC-TAC-LR is fed via 10 or 20-round box magazines.

(2) Low effort bolt operation was a key goal in the design of the SPEC-TAC-LR action. The exclusive bi-camming design employs two cams that engage during bolt lift to radically reduce bolt lift effort. Bolt lift is 75 degrees. In conjunction with the receiver's helical cut cocking cams and the coned faced bolt, the TUBB rifle offers one of the smoothest operating actions ever built.

The bolt handle is designed for superior performance in sustained fire operation. Its ergonomic shape allows operation with a single finger, if desired. The hardened bolt is machined from 9610 carbon steel and rides back into the stock extension, under the shooter's face so the bolt can be operated without the shooter having to change his head position. This low center of gravity also improves the rifle's feel and performance under recoil.

(3) The action features a full-length picatinny sight rail that will accept an almost endless array of competition sights and scope rings. The action's adjustable sight mounting system allows the sight rail to be mounted at a multiple of pre-set mounting angles to allow the shooter to cant the rifle while shooting and maintaining a straight-up level sight. All barrels come standard with a Superior Shooting Systems tunable muzzle brake and cant indicator.

(4) Lock time in the SPEC-TAC-LR is one millisecond – more than three times faster than a Model 70 Winchester.

(5) All SPEC-TAC-LR rifles feature a hand-lapped Schneider stainless steel match barrel with the exclusive "SPEC-TAC-LR." This unique contour maximizes accuracy and minimizes weight – it's the perfect balance. According to David: "It's a contour where the barrel wouldn't shoot one bit better if it was one bit bigger." The SPEC-TAC-LR is a "switch barrel" gun – it's designed to be easily rebarreled by the customer. A custom action wrench is available through McMillan. This feature means that the same rifle can support different calibers and uses. Finished barrels in 6XC or .308 Win are available for customer installation.

(6) The SPEC-TAC-LR uses the superb Anschütz fully-adjustable two-stage trigger with safety. This trigger can also be adjusted to provide single-stage operation.

(7) The buttstock assembly, forend, buttstock clamping block, sight rail, and magazine housing are made from 60-series aluminum, anodized in "Splash Camo." The barreled receiver is finished in a matte black.

(8) The buttstock is fully adjustable for length, height, cant (angle), and offset. The cheekpiece is adjustable for height. An easily accessible knurled wheel allows the shooter to adjust the cheekpiece from the shooting position.  Shooter comfort is further augmented by an ergonomic pistol grip. All adjustment features on the SPEC-TAC-LR were designed for easy shooter access. The butt extension, clamping block, shock housing, and buttplate all have index marks to allow the shooter to record and repeat adjustment settings.

(9) The tubular forend can be rotated to coincide with the cant position of the sight rail to maintain shooter's comfort. A sturdy mounting stud on the forend securely attaches the bipod and forward sling swivel.

(10) The SPEC-TAC-LR disassembles easily and can be transported in two pieces. Its all-metal design and precision-made parts mean there is no zero change resulting from reassembly. The SPEC-TAC-LR is unaffected by temperatures and weather conditions and is also very rugged and durable in the field.

(11) A tactical rail system is provided for mounting night vision and other accessories.

(12) A muzzle brake lowers recoil for quicker follow up shot acquisition.

(13) The pinch-block is designed for riding a shooting bag or pack.

(14) A mounting stud is provided for the Versa-Pod bipod system.

(15) Flush mount sling swivels are provided for a three-point sling system.

Price: $5,250

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