PRODIGY® - The Cutting Edge In a Lightweight Working Rifle That Carries As Well As It Shoots.

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hunting rifle article, McMillan"...a rifle for the connoisseur who actually pulls triggers...” Wayne van Zwoll, Rifle Shooter

hunting rifle article, McMillan"If you want a really well made hunting rifle, McMillan's new Prodigy is a must-see." Wayne van Zwoll, Bugle

hunting rifle article, McMillan"The Prodigy performed flawlessly." Jon R. Sundra, Safari



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Cut those mountains down to size. McMillan’s Prodigy represents the latest trends in a lightweight working rifle. The Classic Compact stock has a thin wrist and trim forend. The stock uses McMillan’s proprietary EDGE ultralight graphite technology to save weight without sacrificing strength. The match grade barrel is a slender #3 taper to shave ounces. If you are the kind of hunter who leaves camp before dawn, busts the hills all day to get away from crowds and returns to camp only after dark, the Prodigy is your rifle.

custom hunting rifle, bolt action, McMillan custom hunting rifle custom hunting rifle, trigger and floorplate, McMillan gun case, McMillan
Action: McMillan G30 short or long action
Stock: McMillan Hunters Edge
McMillan EDGE ultralight graphite technology
Pillar glass bedding, free floated barrel
1"Pachmayr Decelerator
13.5" length of pull
1" Sling swivels
Barrel: Match grade stainless steel
Target crown
Floorplate: One-piece machined aluminum hinged
Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope, premium bases included
Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz. to  7 lbs.


  BBL Length Twist
6.5 x 284 26" 1x8
7mm Rem Mag 24" 1x10
308 Win 22" 1x12
30-06 24" 1x12
300 Win Mag 24" 1x12


Receiver matte black finish with NP3 bolt and black textured stock

Case: Travel case with rollers included
Price: $6,235

Prodigy Details
custom hunting rifle, McMillan Prodigy rifle

(1) McMillan Hunters EDGE stock with EDGE ultralight graphite technology.

(2) McMillan G30 short or long action. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical tolerances and fit by hand. The barrel axis is perfectly in line with the bolt axis.  The bolt face and action face are perpendicular to the barrel axis. The action is pillar-bedded into the stock and the barrel is free-floated. All dimensions are held to competition benchrest standards.

(3) Recoil lugs are surface ground on both sides and pinned to the receiver to produce a perfectly square mating between the action face and the barrel shank. 

(4) All barrels are premium-selected, hand-lapped, match-grade barrels from the finest barrel makers in the country.  Barrels are stainless steel with a matte finish and a target crown.

(5) A custom one-piece machined aluminum hinged floorplate.

(6) A custom Jewell trigger is provided. 

(7) Accessories are available, including scope, bipod, cleaning equipment and other options.

(8) Premium scope bases are included as standard.

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