Long Range Hunting Rifle 243, 308
Long Range Hunting Rifle 7mm, 300
Long Range Hunting Rifle 338

Introducing the new McMillan Long Range Hunting Rifle.

McMillan didn't invent long range marksmanship.
We just perfected it.


Long range accuracy has always been the ultimate test of shooter and rifle. The new McMillan Long Range Hunting Rifle is built for the most demanding shot you will ever take. The McMillan G30 custom action is engineered to benchrest tolerances. The ergonomic McMillan A-3 stock is designed for long range shooting. The match grade barrel and tuned trigger give you the accuracy you need for those long shots.

When you are looking across a valley at a record book rack, the trophy of a lifetime may never let you get any closer. As you squeeze the trigger on that exceptional shot, you can have confidence in knowing you are using an exceptional rifle.



Long Range Hunting Rifle Stock Long Range Hunting Rifle Stock Long Range Hunting Rifle Trigger
Action: McMillan G30 short or long action
Stock: McMillan A-3, fixed recoil pad and comb
Barrel: Match grade
Polygon rifling
Medium-heavy contour
Floorplate: One-piece hinged floor plate, or optional box magazine
Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope, 8x40 scope base screws
BBL Length Twist Weight
243 Win 24" 1x9 9.5 lbs.
7mm Rem Mag 26" 1x10 10 lbs.
7mm Rem Ultra Mag 26" 1x10 10 lbs.
308 Win 24" 1x11 9.5 lbs.
300 Win Mag 26" 1x11 10 lbs.
338 Lapua Mag 27" 1x10 10 lbs.


Receiver matte black finish with NP3 bolt and black textured stock or Dura-Coat metal finish (to match stock) - Black, Olive, Gray, Tan, or Dark Earth

gun stock color black gun stock color olive gunstock color gray gunstock color tan gunstock color darkearth

Case: Travel case with rollers included
Price: LRH rifles without muzzle brake – $6,575
LRH rifles with muzzle brake – $6,775


Long Range Hunting Rifle

(1) McMillan A-3 fiberglass stock with fixed cheekpiece and recoil pad.

(2) McMillan G30 custom short or long action. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical tolerances and fit by hand. The barrel axis is perfectly in line with the bolt axis. The bolt face and action face are perpendicular to the barrel axis. The action is pillar-bedded into the stock and the barrel is free-floated. All dimensions are held to competition benchrest standards.

(3) Recoil lugs are surface ground on both sides and pinned to the receiver to produce a perfectly square mating between the action face and the barrel shank.

(4) All barrels are premium-selected, hand-lapped, match-grade barrels from the finest barrel makers in the country. Barrels are stainless steel with a matte finish and a target crown.

(5) A positive functioning hinged steel floorplate provides easy unloading, yet is more rugged than production firearms to withstand the rigors of daily field use.

(6) The Remington-style trigger is tuned to a 3 lb. pull.

(7) Accessories are available, including scope, bipod, cleaning equipment and other options.

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