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custom huntinbg rifle, McMillan“Just as a fine violin is judged by the quality of the sound it produces, a McMillan rifle can only be fully appreciated when you close the bolt on a live round and squeeze the trigger.” Chris Denham, Western Hunter

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mcmillan mountain extreme denali

The EOL Mountain Extreme Denali™ adjustable A3-5 tactical stock caters to hunters who prefer tactical features in a firearm. The adjustable cheekpiece positions the head optimally for scope use in any shooting situation. The vertical pistol grip is suited for comfort during long shooting sessions. McMillan's EDGE® graphite technology is used in the stock to save weight.

A long 28" barrel maximizes velocity at long range. Barrels are premium, hand-lapped match grade for superior accuracy. A heavy varmint barrel contour is employed for accuracy-enhancing stiffness, with fluting to save weight.

Action: McMillan G30 Long Action
Stock: EDGE® ADJ A3-5 Khaki Base with Gray and Brown Specks 14" LOP with 1" Decel 3 UM Studs
Barrel: Match Grade Stainless 26" length with a Varmint Contour Fluted with Vais Brake
Floorplate: Standard Hinged
Trigger: Jewell
Sights: 40 MOA Picatinny style scope bases


  BBL Length Twist
7 MM EOL Mag / 7MM Rem Ultra Mag 26" 1-8"
300 EOL Mag / 300 Rem Ultra Mag 26" 1-10"
338 Lapua 26" 1-10"

Weight: 9 lbs. 8 oz.
Finish: Metal Black Finish
NP3 Muzzle Brake
Bolt Stop and Cocking Piece Housing
Case: Hard Gun Case Provided
Price: $6,895
Price for
$9,234 to $9,298

Package includes the following scopes and Nightforce accessories:

Nightforce scope NXS 5.5 x 56, NP-R1 Reticle or
Nightforce scope NXS 5.5 x 56, Velocity Reticle

Nightforce rings, Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator (ADI), 
Nightforce cap with ADI mount

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McMillan EOL Mountain Extreme rifles will fire both Remington Ultra Mag factory cartridges and the EOL Mag series of cartridges. Note that EOL Mag cartridges may or may not feed and fire in factory Ultra Mag chambered rifles. Contact McMillan for recommendations before firing.