McMillan Mountian Extreme Hunting Rifles


McMillan's EOL Mountain Extreme™ rifle line is specifically optimized for ultra-long range hunting. McMillan EOL Mountain Extreme rifles are built for the EOL Mag series of cartridges developed in conjunction with TV host Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits. The EOL Mag series utilizes a standard Ultra Mag parent case, but with very long, high-VLD bullets that are seated out longer than usual to free up additional powder capacity inside the case. The result is higher velocity and less bullet drop at extreme ranges.

McMillan's EOL Mountain Extreme rifles feature long actions, ejection ports and magazine boxes that can accommodate .338 Lapua and other similar length cartridges. Throats are specifically cut for the EOL Mag cartridge series. Consequently, EOL Mountain Extreme rifles will deliver extreme performance with EOL Mag ammunition, but can also fire factory Remington Ultra Mag ammunition when desired.

Long barrels maximize velocity and benchrest quality precision components deliver superior accuracy. Three models are available featuring traditional and tactical styled stocks. A unique nickel plated bolt shroud, bolt stop and muzzle brake set the EOL Mountain Extreme series apart visually from the rest of the McMillan line of hunting rifles.

Everything about the EOL Mountain Extreme line is designed for extreme performance at ranges where standard rifles and standard cartridges are at their design limits.

mcmillan mountain extreme alpine

EOL Mountian Extreme Alpine   NEW

mcmIllian mountain extreme denali

EOL Mountian Extreme Denali   NEW

mcmIllian mountain extreme yukon

EOL Mountain Extreme Yukon   NEW