Choose your action and find a great special on a McMillan stock.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has the following stocks in inventory and ready for immediate delivery, at a LIMITED OFFER PRICE.

To order any of the following or inquire about stocks ready to ship, email or call and speak to a representative.

Make sure to indicate that you are ordering a stock from our "Stocks in Inventory" with the item # ready . Refer to our web page for examples and descriptions of each stock available.

Prices are non-negotiable.  Stocks are sold as is.

All hunting and sporting style stocks shipped in the continental U.S. are $537.00 shipped

unless noted!  

All other stocks have shipping costs included in price for continental U.S. shipping only. 

Stocks that don't have the entire specs listed, are finished as drop-ins, painted black, have a 1" recoil pad installed @ 13.5" length of pull and 2 sling studs. 


  • T/G = Trigger Guard
  • LA = Long Action
  • SA = Short Action
  • ADL= Blind Floor Plate
  • BDL= Hinged Floor Plate
  • FBC = Factory Barrel Channel
  • MAG BC = factory magnum barrel channel
  • VAR B/C =  factory varmint barrel channel
  • RH = Right Hand
  • LH = Left Handed
  • LOP = length of Pull
  • DBM = Detachable Box Magazine
  • B/C = Barrel Channel
  • F/P = Floor Plate
  • DEC = Pachmeyer Decelerator pad
  • PRES = Pachmeyer Presentation pad
  • F/C = Flush Cups
  • *PICK YOUR PAINT* = the stock is prepped for paint, choose any color paint and we'll paint the stock before shipping.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to do so.