Excursion Training Course

Advanced Level Shooting

The McMillan Firearms advanced course offered this year in Flying H, NM is designed to show students that the boundaries they once thought impossible can easily be broken. Students work with members of the McMillan shooting team to help master the craft of long range precision shooting. In this advanced shooting course, students will push their capabilities far beyond what they thought possible engaging targets out to 1,600-1,700 yards with .308s or out to 3,000 yards with .50 caliber rifles and everything in between.

Three days of the course will be dedicated to extreme long range and advanced wind reading and preparing the student for their next extreme long distance shot whether it’s on the range or on an exotic hunt. The other 2 days of the course will be spent working and shooting with Nils Jonasson, USPSA National Champion pistol and 3 gun shooter. Nils has won the USPSA National Championships in Single Stack and Limited divisions as well as the USPSA Multi Gun National Championships. His instruction will help students become more proficient shooters in both pistol and carbine.

This course is very shooting intensive. Students can plan on shooting from sun up to sun down, including a night hunt with night vision and thermal devices. Students will also be coached on off road driving in Tom Cars, both during daylight hours as well as driving under night vision goggles. Half a day will be dedicated to tracking, showing the students things to watch for and signs that can help them track their next animal.

All lodging and food is included in a ranch style setting on hundreds of acres of private ranch property. The nearest airport to the ranch is Roswell, NM. Shuttle services to and from the ranch are provided. Firearm shipments can be accepted. To make arrangements, please contact McMillan for details.

This is a course you don¹t want to miss. Contact McMillan to schedule your spot. The course is sure to fill up fast.


Course Title
Excursion Level Training Course
Date Location Price Register
Mar 10-14, 2014 Flying H, NM $3,900 REGISTER
The total cost is $3,900 and includes lodging for five days in spacious cabins equipped with restrooms and showers. Participants will receive three meals per day.
McMillan Precision Training Course or prior approval

McMillan offers the following services to make your training experience more enjoyable:

  • McMillan can receive and store rifle shipments until the course begins and provide return shipping when the course is completed.

  • McMillan can transport all weapons, ammunition and other gear to and from the range.

  • McMillan can store all weapons, ammunition and gear at our facility for its safety and security.

  • McMillan now offers for purchase its own brand of .50 caliber match grade ammunition. To avoid shipping and transportation issues, purchase McMillan's ammunition in advance and it will be waiting for you at the range.

  • McMillan offers a full line of ammunition. This is the same ammunition McMillan uses to test fire all its rifles except the TAC-50.

  • If interested in purchasing ammunition from McMillan, please place the order as soon as possible to guarantee its availability.

  • McMillan also offers a wide range of other accessory products and apparel. All of these products will be available for purchase at the time of the course.

Once you register for one of the courses you will receive an information packet, including dates, requirements, items needed on the range, a list of events, course schedule, rules and regulations, and much more.
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"... The instructors from McMillan were outstanding and very professional. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had while training. I would very much like to do it again, if possible."

Mike Evanson
"... I had a great time and learned a lot about your rifles, which hopefully will translate into more sales. I got to see first hand what a quality rifle McMillan builds. I came away from the class with a greater appreciation for what a great product an American company in Arizona can build."

Bill Didio
Sales Representative
Cabelas Gun Library, Glendale, AZ



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