1. When I search the web for “McMillan Sniper School,” why does it direct me to another site?
The new company, McMillan Operator Development, has been under new management since March of 2007.  Mr. Graves, formerly associated with the McMillan Sniper School no longer has any association with McMillan and all training received at his courses are in no way validated by McMillan.

2. Will I be able to attend a class as a civilian?
Unless you are a serving military, law enforcement, government, government contractor or have a reserve commitment you cannot attend the current list of courses on the McMillan Operator Development website. The reason for this is to both protect the procedures of the students and to ensure we do not pass on any skills that the general public has no need of.

3. Will McMillan add civilian courses at a later stage?
Yes, McMillan has plans to instigate a Precision Marksman course aimed at the civilian shooter, where we will teach all the basic and advanced marksmanship skills, range estimation and suitable camouflage skills for the dedicated hunter, shooter who wishes to further his or her skill and knowledge.

4. What is an Open Course?
Open courses are a series of dedicated subjects that enables individuals to enhance their skills independent of their units.  These course are not available to civilians, but to those who carry the title of a government employee.

5. What is a POST certification?
Most McMillan courses have been certified by the Arizona Post certification board.  This means that all of our course curriculums have been submitted to a certified government authority who evaluates each course and its contents.  This certification shows that this course is recognized by government authorities and in many instances makes the student eligible for grants from different agencies.  Please see this link,

6. Can I attend your Advanced Sniper Course without attending your Basic Sniper Course?
If you have attended a Basic course already, be it ours or somebody else’s and can prove it on arrival or prior to attending, then yes you can.

7. Can I attend your Sniper Instructor Course if I am not a Qualified Sniper?
No. The reason behind this is that world experience has taught us that unless you have the basic knowledge of the skill, and it relates to any skill, it is impossible to then expect to be able to teach that skill. This is not to mention that you lack any credibility if all you have ever done is attend other peoples classes and not actually been a sniper or even operational with a rifle.
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