Two operators are standing shoulder to shoulder in a hostile environment, both experiencing different emotions while subconsciously formulating a plan of attack based on prior training. Is one mans experience less valuable than the next if a successful outcome is reach by both parties? No, each merely interpreted the same set of factors differently and as such both have something from which to learn.

Everyone takes away something different from every experience; this fact is not lost by our staff. We fully expect to learn from our students as they learn from us. We understand that one course does not fit all and that tactical situations are rapidly changing. For this reason, our staff is constantly upgrading, reassessing and seeking further experience to better provide a cost effective and tactically relevant series of training courses. Here at McMillan, we respect that each individual has been through his own set of trials and tribulations, whether being compared to the man standing next to him in battle, or a foreign soldier fighting across the globe. This man, no doubt has encountered situations that can benefit others, this mans "experience is unique".