Ryan McMillan
Naval Special Warfare

Director of Operations

Ryan McMillan is the owner of McMillan Operator Development, LLC whose vision in creating these businesses was to assemble select individuals to assist our current military and allied service members and law enforcement personnel with tactical training.

During his military career, Ryan served as a Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) special operator. He spent 7 years on active duty and is a two-time, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veteran who has conducted various types of mission profiles to include: sniping, direct action (entry), personal security and the training of foreign allies.


Mark Spicer
British Army Sergeant Major

Director of Training

Retired British Army Sergeant Major Mark Spicer served his country for 25 years. His experiences in real world counter terrorist operations gained him a broad range of knowledge in various fields.

Mr. Spicer served most of his Army career as sniper and is a qualified (8541) US Marine Corps Sniper and German Mountain (Alpine) Sniper. He gained a worldwide reputation in the sphere of sniping that led to frequent requests from many of the worlds premier units to assist in their training and sniper tactics including NATO and the multiple middle-eastern countries.

He is now the author of two successful books on the subject of sniping and was selected by the US Government as their expert witness during the Washington DC sniper trials. Mark is currently working with McMillan to design high-grade anti-terrorism courses for the Military and Law Enforcement community.


Chris Dillon
Vice President, Dillon Aero

Director of Aerial Operations

Bio to follow


Dave Wilson
Phoenix SAU Lead Sniper

Lead Law Enforcement Instructor

David Wilson has been a career police officer in Phoenix since 1994 having previously served as a commissioned officer within the US Marine Corps. Dave served as a Military Police specialist within the Corps from the age of 17 and still holds a Marine Corps commission at the rank of Major in the reserve forces.  He is currently a tactical team member of Phoenix Special Application Unit (SAU), where he holds the position of lead Sniper, while still dual roled as an entry team member, and has held positions within patrol, covert surveillance, anti terrorist and training detachments during his time with Phoenix PD. Dave is also trained in the Indonesian combative skills of Kali and Silat.


Lyman Hazelton, Ph.D
MIT Ballistic Physicist

Director of Research & Development

Dr. Hazelton spent 20 years at MIT, first as a research engineer, then as a graduate student, and finally as a research scientist on the faculty. He is the author of many journal articles in medicine, optical and plasma physics, artificial intelligence and philosophy. He was Principal Investigator (Lead Scientist) on a Space Shuttle experiment that won the 1995 NASA Presidential Commercial Space Act Award.

He is currently Chief Scientist and part owner of KinetX, Inc., in Tempe, Arizona. His latest research has been for the design of the MUOS military communications satellite system and for the next version of the IRIDIUM commercial communications system, as well as work on near space tethered balloon systems.


David S. Agata
Former SRT, Coral Springs PD

Instructor, Law Enforcement

David Agata has been a career police officer in South Florida since1989. He has been a member of his department's Special Response Team since 1996 and a police sniper since 1998. He presently serves as the sniper team leader for his department. He is responsible for the development and implementation of standard operating and training procedures and training documentation for the sniper team. In addition, Dave developed and implemented his department's .50 caliber program.

He is an advisory board member for the American Sniper Association, a member of the Florida SWAT Association, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, and the National Tactical Officers Association. He also provides support to military snipers, via by supplying military snipers with needed equipment at no cost to them.

He has been published in several publications and the soon to be released American Sniper Association basic sniper manual.


Neil Morris
Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret.)


Neil served the United States military for over 24 years with both the Army Rangers and then the Marine Corps. He is the only Marine to hold the senior instructor billets at all three Marine Corps Scout Sniper Schools. Additionally, Neal held a senior instructor billet at the USMC Special Operations Training Group (SOTG); assisting in the design of the current scout sniper curriculum and multi-operational deployments, before finally retiring from the Marine Corps as the senior Marine Scout Sniper "Master Sniper". Neil continues to train and advise both military and law enforcement sniper units and maintains his close friendship with McMillan's Director of Training.


Ricky Cox
Counter Terrorist Consultant


Ricky Cox is a 26-year police veteran of the highly volatile situation in Northern Ireland. During this time, he acquired a vast knowledge of Counter Terrorism and operational procedures in highly segregated communities. Ricky has worked under extreme stress, often covertly, against both the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Volunteer Force terrorist organizations and as such brings with him a hard to find depth of experience.

Ricky has also served with the United Nations in Kosovo where he was detailed to establish a new Special Police Unit and was responsible for both Public Order Training and advising the UNMIK Commander.

Ricky is currently an instructor with a major law enforcement agency, and is qualified in covert surveillance, sniping, weapons instructor, public order, hostage negotiation and special response teams.


Fredrik Jonnson
Swedish Maritime Commando


In his military career, Fredrik was an officer and served as a sniper team commander of a reconnaissance unit, within the Swedish Marine Corps.

Fredrik has operational experience and vast knowledge of small unit tactics, weapons and equipment. He is a certified instructor in the following areas: sniping, S.E.R.E., tactical pistol shooting, military Krav Maga and explosives.

For several years he was an Instructor at the Swedish Armed Forces Sniper Instructor School and has trained snipers from every branch of the Armed Forces, including special operations units and police counter terrorism units. Fredrik was also a member of the Armed Forces competitive sniper team and has participated in several international competitions.