Joe Hughes

Ryan Sorensen
Ryan Sorensen harvested this 30" wide, 187" Mule Deer, DIY on public ground while shooting a McMillan Dynasty chamberred in 300 Win Mag! One shot from 258 yards and this great buck was quickly on the ground. As a backcountry rifle, the Dynasty has proven time and again that it is in a class all it's own.

Ryan Sorensen with a Mule Deer and his McMillan Dynasty rifle

Joe Hughes

Eric Stecker
Eric Stecker, with Berger Bullets, returned from a successful hunting trip in New Zealand where he was conducting bullet testing on Berger's new SAAMI compliant hunting bullets. Stecker chose a McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 300 Win Mag for the hunt. The rifle was fitted with the McMillan G30 long action, which according to Stecker, "Works as smooth as any action I've used." The ram was the first animal taken at 340 yards and stumbled less than 20 yards before it dropped. He also took a cull fallow at 220 yards away and it dropped within 5 feet of where it was hit. The hog was shot at 450 yards from one mountain slope to another.

Eric Stecker with a ram and his McMillan Dynasty rifle
Eric Stecker and friends Eric Stecker with hog
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Joe Hughes

Lexie Grimmett Boaz
Lexie Grimmett Boaz shot this impressive Ibex using her McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 7mm and topped with a Leupold 8.5x25x50 LR scope. The Ibex was shot at 778 yards using 168 gr VLD Berger bullets. Horn bases were 11 2/8 and 10 6/8. It was the largest ever taken in North America. Scored 110 3/8 which puts it at #16.

Joe Hughes shot this deer at 145 yards
Joe Hughes

Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes successfully shot a deer in Cisco, Texas using his new Dynasty hunting rifle chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum. The deer was shot at 145 yards using Remington Core-Lokt (180 grain) ammo. The 4-4 1/2 year-old buck had a green score of 138 inches.

Joe Hughes shot this deer at 145 yards
Kelly McMillan

Kelly McMillan
While hosting the McMillan Texas Trophy Deer Hunt located in Campos Viejos Ranch in South Texas, Kelly McMillan shot this impressive blackbuck antelope. Kelly's choice of rifle was the McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 300 Win Mag. The ranch is well known for its stunning trophy deer.

Kelly McMillan shot this impressive blackbuck antelope
Jon Sundra

John Sundra
Jon Sundra, well-known outdoor writer, joined Kelly McMillan on the McMillan Texas Trophy Hunt held at the private Campos Viejos Ranch in South Texas. John used the McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 270 WSM to shoot his prized whitetail deer.

Jon Sundra joins McMillan Texas Trophy Hunt
Kelly McMillan Elk Hunt

Kelly McMillan
Kelly McMillan shot this New Mexico 6-point elk using the McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in .270 Winchester Magnum using Federal Fusion (150 grain) ammo. If you look closely at the photo you will notice one side of the elk’s antler is dwarfed and comes straight out of his forehead like a unicorn—definitely a unique trophy. Kelly’s elk is one of four taken on Lobo Outfitters ranch with this peculiarity in eleven years of guided hunts. The hunt was on Lobo Outfitters ranch located 25 miles east of Chama, New Mexico.

Kelly McMillan Elk Hunt Dynasty Kelly McMillan Elk Hunt Dynasty
McMillan Trophy Room

Alex Erling
Alex Erling celebrated his 15th birthday while on an African safari with his father in Klawerberg, Namibia. Matter-of-fact, he turned 15 on the first day of the hunt. Alex used his McMillan Dynasty LH .300 Win Mag to successfully shoot a red hartebeest bull, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, kudu, springbok, and steenbuck ram.

Alex and his father looked at various loads from Superior Ammunition (reduced velocity) and the rifle shot two or three of the loads nicely including an Accubond load. But the Barnes 180 grain Tipped TSX load (TTSX) at 2,800 fps. was a 0.5 inch group. When Alex shot his animals, four bullets were recovered and each one was like the advertisements you see in the journals, basically 99% plus weight retention and four perfect petals.

He had the rifle topped with a Swarovski Habicht 4-12 by 30x scope. He took the muzzle brake off after 3 or 4 days because he said it was too loud and that he didn't really notice a difference in recoil after he took it off. (Part excitement, part McMillan stock.)

Alex is looking forward to using his Dynasty again on the next hunt in November to Kodiak Island to hunt Sitka black-tailed deer.

McMillan Dynasty Rifle Dynasty Rifle McMilla Dynasty Rifle McMillan Dynasty Rifle McMIllan Dynasty Rifle McMillan Dynasty Rifle McMillan Dynasty Rifle
McMillan Trophy Room

Courtney Olson
Courtney Olson of C2C Sales & Marketing shot this Colorado bighorn ram using the McMillan Custom Collection Dynasty hunting rifle. His self-guided hunt was near Georgetown/ Empire, Colorado on public land. His shot distance was 45 yards with severe downhill angle in heavy timber and a snowstorm. In spite of limited visibility, Courtney was successful in getting his trophy.

McMillan Trophy Room

Kelly McMillan
On Kelly McMillan’s successful ten day hunting safari in South Africa he used a Dynasty 338 Win Mag topped with a Swarovski scope to shoot a five to six-year-old male nyala with 28-inch horns and a gemsbok with 38-inch horns. His most unique trophy using the Dynasty 338 Win Mag was a waterbuck with atypical 28-inch horns.

Taxidermy services provided by Southwest Wildlife, Scottsdale, Arizona.

DRyan Sorensen
Ryan Sorensen shot this 27" wide Muley with a McMillan Dynasty™ rifle chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, topped with a Swarovski Z6 in 3-18x50.

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