Dean Yacobucci
While on an African Safari in Maun, Botswana, Dean Yacobucci took this Savannah African elephant with a heart/lung shot. Dean's choice of rifle was a McMillan Prestige chambered in .375 H&H.

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Marcus Erling
Marcus Erling recently returned from an unforgettable African safari in the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique. Outfitter, Mark Haldane with Zambeze Delta Outfitters guided this successful hunt. Marcus's hunt yielded nine plains animals and one big game animal. He used his McMillan Heritage rifle chambered in 375 H&H to shoot a reedbuck ram, Chobe bushbuck, suni antelope, hartebeest bull, a bushpig, warthog, nyala, sable bull, baboon and a cape buffalo. Check out the photos below.

We tracked this old cape buffalo through the floodplain swamp and it turned into a real live rodeo complete with a shootout. He was probably 14-15 years old with 14-inch bosses and 39.75 inch spread.

There are tons of reedbucks everywhere you go–patience is a virtue here. My ram was quite old but still a very nice one with 13.5-inch horns.

My guide, Mark Hadane, said this hartebeest bull is a real "snotter" (South African slang for a really big bull). He had 19-inch horns (extremely long) and had a huge body. When you finally spot one of these animals, they are usually 300 yards or more away. We got lucky and spotted this guy at 150 yards.

I was able to take this fine Chobe bushbuck. His horns were 14.5 inches; it only takes 12 inches for a record book.

A suni is one of ten tiny antelopes in Africa and are extremely difficult to hunt. I saw this one in Coutada 11 where they seem to have a lock on these tiny creatures. Believe it or not, the one I took is a high record book suni.

Finally got a warthog and an old one at that; one side is worn way down. There are lots and lots of warthogs everywhere you go in Coutada 11.

I took this real bruiser, a nyla with 30-inch horns. Record book stuff.

A Kodak moment – my guide, Mark Haldane, with my sable bull and me.

Todd Hansen
Todd Hansen, COO of Sportsman Channel, took this moose on a recent trip to the Yukon. Todd shot once at a distance of 219 yards. The bull was an old boy, approximately 55 inches wide with nice fronts and good paddle mass but his tops were on the downside. Todd's choice of rifle was the McMillan Heritage 375 H&H Magnum.

Jim Bertram
While on an African lion hunt, Jim Bertram made a one shot, one kill with his McMillan Heritage 375 H&H Mag rifle. According to Jim, "You can hear a lion roar at about eight miles on a cool clear night. You would be amazed how loud the roar is at 75 feet at night."

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Jim Bertran killed this Kodiak bear with a McMillan Heritage 375 H&H Mag rifle. The bear weighed 1,300 lbs. and was more than 10 ft. square.

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