Custom Collection Hunting Rifles, McMillan Trophy Room

McMillan Trophy Room

Welcome to McMillan’s trophy room where hunters who use the McMillan Custom Collection rifles are encouraged to showcase your trophies and share your hunting experiences.

To become a contributor to the room, submit your photos along with a brief description of your hunt to the email address listed below. Please include your name, information about the location of the hunt, McMillan’s Custom Collection rifle used, and any other interesting facts. Email us at

Photos must be digital (300 dpi) and the accepted format is .JPEG.

All photos submitted become the property of McMillan and will not be returned. By submitting your photos you give McMillan permission for unlimited usage for all promotional purposes. You also agree that all game photographed were taken under the rules of fair chase.

McMillan reserves the right to edit photos or to refuse the use of any photos.