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McMillan introduces the A-5 professional tactical stock.

November 1, 2003

Combines the most popular features of the M40A1, A2, A3 and A4 (M40A3) currently used by the military.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, the company that developed the well-known A-series tactical stocks for the US military has developed the new A-5 tactical stock. For the McMillan A-5, designers polled top professional shooters to combine all the most requested features of its M40A1, A2, A3 and A4 (M40A3) stocks into one tactical rifle stock.

The new A-5 uses a Winchester Marksman-style beavertail forearm. This forearm is wider and flatter than any of the A-series stocks for enhanced bag stability.

The A-5 uses the trim A-3 pistol grip preferred by the FBI and several government agencies. Edges in the tang area have been rounded for greater comfort around the thumb and web of the palm. A thumb shelf on top of the stock gives a choice of thumb position: the thumb can be placed on top of the stock or alongside the pistol grip, whichever feels more comfortable for the shooter.

A butt hook is provided for shooters who prefer to nestle the stock in the web of the hand opposite the trigger hand for control. This is a shallower and longer butt hook than the A-4, yet it is out of the way for those shooters who prefer no butt hook. The bottom surface of the butt hook is flat to better ride odd-placed sandbags and other impromptu rests found in field situations. The flat surface also rides conventional rabbit ear sandbags well.

The A-5 is more versatile and can be made lighter than the A-4 currently used on the M40A3. The stock weighs from about 2.5 to 4.5 lbs., depending on accessories.

The action and barrel sit lower in the new A-5 compared to the other A-series stocks. This lower center of gravity provides greater stability, allowing the shooter to maintain a better sight picture during recoil and reacquire the target quickly after recoil.

As with all McMillan stocks, the A-5 is constructed with 100% hand laid fiberglass construction. Unlike a wood stock that creates changes in point of impact with changes in the weather, a McMillan stock is impervious to rain, humidity, freezing, boiling, heat, altitude or other environmental extremes.

Different molds have been developed to fit the most common actions perfectly, including Remington, Winchester, Sako 75 and Weatherby Mark V. The A-5 is available in a wide range of molded-in colors, as well as painted finishes. The A-5 comes standard with McMillan's precision CNC inletting. The barrel channel is machined to any barrel contour specified by the customer.

Ergonomics is important for a tactical rifle. One rifle may be shared by several marksmen in a unit, so adjustability is a key design feature. Three different cheek piece options are available, including a thumbwheel adjustable cheek piece, an adjustable saddle-type cheek piece, and a standard fixed comb. The customer can specify a fixed length of pull, or order a spacer system to provide adjustable length of pull. Two-way and three-way adjustable butt plates are available to further tune the fit.

The McMillan A-series stocks are often the only stocks from any manufacturer that will pass the military's stringent torture tests as part of its procurement contracts. McMillan backs the A-5 with the company's unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Suggested retail price on the A-5 inletted blank is $425 and includes your choice of finish and precision CNC inletting for your action and barrel contour. Complete stocks range from $494 to over $700 depending on the accessories chosen.

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