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The VISIONMASTER Day and Night scope is state of the art, using only the very latest in night vision technology to give the rifleman the utmost advantage in both day and night shooting situations with the same equipment.

It is no longer necessary to maintain a dedicated night vision weapon and a dedicated day weapon system.  The VISIONMASTER scope allows a marksman to use a single weapon system 24 hours a day.  When light levels fall below the minimum required for day operations the VISIONMASTER can be switched from a day scope to a night vision scope in less than 30 seconds with no tools and NO SHIFT IN POINT OF IMPACT.

Our special lens coating is designed to give optimum light transmission in the 400 to 900 nanometer wavelength (the wavelength intensifier tubes function most efficiently in).  The reticle is a triplex mil-dot ranging reticle which gives accurate ranging both day and night.  The special 80 MM objective lens gives the clearest image in the lowest light of any rifle scope in the world today.

Night Scope
Day Scope
To switch from day mode to night vision mode requires the operator only to disengage a spring loaded locking pin, remove the eye piece by sliding it to the rear 3/4 of an inch and sliding the night vision module onto the scope, the spring loaded locking pin engages automatically.  The complete transition can be completed in no-light conditions in less than 30 seconds.

The Day and Night scope is available with the following intensifier tubes:

Magnification: 6-16 power variable
Objective Lens: 80 MM
Objective Lens F number: F1.6
Exit Pupil Diameter: 13.3 MM at 6x 
5 MM at 16x
Field of View (3.3 degrees) 17.5 feet 100 M at 6x 
6.55 feet at 100 M at 16x
Focus Range: 30 Meters to infinity
Eye Relief: 30-89 MM at 6x 
49-77 MM at 16x
Power: 2 AA batteries
Weight: Day Scope: 4 lbs 2 oz. 
Night Scope: 5 lbs 3 oz.
Main Tube Diameter: 40 MM
Length: Day Scope: 17 1/4 inches 
Night Scope: 18 1/4 inches
Adjustments: 1/4 MOA clicks, 60 MOA full travel
Mounting: 40 MM mounting rings included.  Standard Leupold Ultra bases required

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