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THUMBHOLE SILHOUETTE: Originally known as our King Thumbhole, this stock was designed by Richard King specifically for High Power Metallic Silhouette. It has a legally high roll over cheek piece with a little cast off and cant to allow the shooter to get behind the scope more easily. It has a platform directly under the receiver area that is parallel to the top of the stock and is as deep as the rules allow.

ANSCHUTZ SILHOUETTE: An original copy of the famous Anschutz 54 MS silhouette stock with a little added roll-over on the comb. Can be used for Remington Model 700, Winchester Model 70, Anschutz 54, Anschutz 64 and Rugar 10/22 and 77/22.

SILHOUETTE: Our original Silhouette stock was designed specifically for off hand shooting. Has a high roll over cheek piece, with a large almost vertical grip. Will except Remington Model 700 and Winchester Model 70 actions, best used with a blind magazine.

ANSCHUTZ BR-50: We've combined the back end of the Anschutz Silhouette and the forend of the BR-50 to make a sock with a vertical pistol grip and a 3 inch wide forend. It can be used for the Anschutz 54, 64, 2007, Winchester 52, Suhl 150 and the Remington 40XR. Used by Marion Collier,1995 BR-50 G-Line World Champion.

McMILLAN BR-50: The McMillan BR-50 is a modified version of the famous McMillan Benchrest stock that has been used in competition shooting for over 23 years. We have shortened the forend and removed the flare which runs along the bottom edge of the stock from under the receiver area. This makes the bolt handle more accessible along with reducing the weight a small amount. It is designed for use with Remington actions but can be inletted for most custom actions.

BAKER SPECIAL: Designed by Billie Baker. An Ambidextrous modified Winchester marksman with an extended belly. Comes with an adjustable cheek-piece and can be inletted for both right and left hand. Can be used for Remington Model 700 and the Winchester Model 70.

WINCHESTER MARKSMAN: This is an exact duplicate of the old Winchester factory issued competition stock. It has a 2.4" beavertail forend that is only 1.5" deep which allows for excellent forward hand location in the prone position. It is also used as a field varmint stock. The oversized butt has a vertually straight comb and no cheek piece (has 1/2" to 3/4" front to rear drop) aids in the reduction of recoil. Is commonly inletted for Model 70'S, Remington 700's and 40s actions. Available as a custom drop-in.

HUNTER CLASS: This stock is the origional "Hunter Class" stock which was developed over twenty years ago. We narrowed the forend of our benchrest stock by removing the flare that runs along the bottom of the stock all the way to the forend tip. Sauare corners make the forend ride the bag especially well. The stock can be inletted for Remington and Winchester Model 70's as well as most custom actions. It was designed for use with a blind magazine.

McMILLAN BENCHREST: The standard of the industry, this stock can be used for Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint classes. Weights for each can be specified to +/- 3 ounces. A modified version with a 2 1/2 inch forend can be used for Hunter Class. Can be used for Remington Model 700, Stoll's, Hall's, Wichita and Nesika Bay actions.

M14/M1A: This stock was specifically designed for the USMC Marksmanship Team and meets all NRA Service Rifle Competition standards. Actions must be glass bedded without the stock liner. Accepts only M1A/M14 receivers.

MODIFIED 40X: A copy of the factory 40XC with modified forend. This is an excellent three position and National Match Stock. Comes with an adjustable cheek-piece. Can be used for most Remington and Winchester actions.

Adjustable 40X: The Adjustable 40X is manufactured for the custom shop at Remington for use on the Competition 40XC and 40XR rifles. It comes standard with a vertically adjustable cheek piece. It is available with either a vertically adjustable butt plate or a three-way adjustable butt assembly and Freeland or Anschutz type hand stop rails. Blind magazine only. Available in right hand only.

PRONE: Right and left hand versions. Patterned after the Anschutz 1911 Prone stock. Comes with adjustable cheek-piece and can be fitted with several butt and rail assemblies. Can be used for Remington Model 700, Winchester Model 70, Paramount, Hall's and Stolle's actions.

TOOLEY MBR: This newly designed stock has gained acceptance in the shooting industry faster than any stock McMillan has introduced. Designed for 1000 yard benchrest, this stock has been proven to improve performance. It has an extra long 3" wide forend for an extended tracking surface. This stock will accommodate actions or sleeves with a maximum diameter of 1.75". The large straight comb butt stock was designed with the bottom running at a 3 degree slant to allow it to move down and away from the shooter's face under heavy recoil allowing the rifle to track extremely well.

50 LBR: McMillan's newest addition to 50 Caliber Benchrest shooting. Designed for the shooter who wants to compete in the "Light Gun Class" (32.5 lbs). This stock has been designed to be the most effective the FCSA rules will allow. With a forend width of 3.5" and a maximum receiver width of 2.1" this stock will accommodate all of the actions available today. The butt has a 1/4" radius molded into the bottom exactly parallel to the forend so that it will track well on the bags. Minium weight is 6.5 lbs.

Buddy Clifton has used this stock to win every Light Gun competition he has entered since he started using the stock in the Spring of 1996. Buddy has also set several new world records while using this stock.

50 HBR: Another new participant in.50 Caliber Benchrest shooting the "Heavy Gun Class" stock will weigh a mazimum of 12-13 lbs. It can be used with heavy barrel contours and current receivers to make a 50 lb rifle. The forend is 5" wide and 2.3" deep through the action area. The 50 HBR will accommodate actions or sleeves up to 2.6" wide. A revolutionary feature to this stock is the butt which has a 2 1/4 wide flat on the bottom of the butt that is exactly parallel to the forend. The additional width on the butt stock adds stability to the entire shooting platform.

Buddy Clifton has used this stock to win every Heavy Gun competition he has entered since he started using the stock in the Spring of 1996. Buddy has also set new world records in every match he has used this stock.

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