McMillan Fiberglass Tactical Rifle Stocks


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50 Caliber Stocks

50L & Big Mac

  • Inletted blank – $416.00
  • Completely finished with recoil pad – $492.00
  • With Lead shot added for more weight – $586.00


  • Completely finished with recoil pad – $542.00
  • With Lead added for more weight – $586.00
  • Inletted blank – $466.00
(take down)
  • Completely finished with Spacer System and Saddle Cheek Piece – $766.00
  • Inletted blank – $568.00
Big Mac

The Big Mac is actually more of a tactical stock than a Benchrest stock. It has a 2.500 inch square fore-end, which allows it to ride the bags fairly well. It has a vertical pistol grip and a straight comb with no cheek piece. The Big Mac was specifically designed for the McBros action, although it can be inletted for most 50 caliber actions. Available in right and left hand.

Take Down 50 Caliber

The Take Down 50 Caliber is a short compact stock for most 50 caliber actionsIt comes with a no tool removable butt stock for storage and transport in a standard gun case. The forend of the stock is very short, about 15 inches from the pistol grip to the tip of the stock and is designed for bipod use only. It may be equipped with a spacer system for adjustable length of pull.
Available in right and left-hand.

50 H

The 50 H is another new participant of 50 Caliber Benchrest shooting. The “Heavy Gun Class” stock will weigh a minimum of 12-13 pounds. It can be used with heavy barrel contours and current receivers to make a 50lb. rifle. The forend is 5 inches wide and 2.300 inches deep through the action areaThe 50 HBR will accommodate actions or sleeves up to 2.600 inches wideThe revolutionary feature to this stock is the butt. The bottom of the butt is 2.250 inches wide and is exactly parallel to the forend. Available in right and left-hand.


50 L

The 50 L is designed for building rifles in the “Light gun class for 50 Caliber Benchrest shooting. It is similar to the 50 H but the fore-end and the action area have been narrowed to be the most effective the “light gun” rules will allow. The fore-end is 3.50″ in width and the stock will accept a maximum receiver width of 2.10″. It has the same 2.50″ wide flat on the bottom of the butt as the 50 H so the same rear bag can be used on both guns. The minimum weight is 6.5lbs and is available inletted both right and left hand.