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March 1, 2003
McMillan introduces the new Hunters EDGE ultralight rifle stock.

Only 20 ounces.
100% graphite.
8 times stronger than wood.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has announced the introduction of their new Hunters EDGE ultralight hunting stock. Made of 100% graphite construction, the stock weighs only 20 ounces, compared to 2.5 pounds for a conventional wood stock. Yet, the new Hunters EDGE is up to 8 times stronger than wood.

The new Hunters EDGE is designed for the growing trend toward building ultralight mountain rifles. Custom gunsmiths work hard to shave every last ounce possible from an ultralight rifle's metalwork. Now, McMillan's new graphite technology saves a pound and a quarter of weight compared to a typical wood stock, while actually increasing shear strength considerably.

McMillan first introduced its 100% graphite EDGE ultralight technology into benchrest competition circles two years ago. The EDGE benchrest stock became an immediate success with these highly demanding marksmen. The new Hunters EDGE is the first 100% graphite ultralight that McMillan has offered in a sporting stock.

The stock fits only Remington 700 and Model 7 actions. This includes short, long, left-and right-handed action configurations. The stock features trim, conventional styling lines that will accept factory magnum Douglas #3 barrel contours or smaller.

Depending on the cutout for the barrel contour, the weight of a finished stock ranges from 20 to 22 ounces, including recoil pad and sling swivels.

The Hunters EDGE is available in your choice of exterior painted colors. According to Kelly McMillan, president of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, "Molded-in colors are not available. The extra gelcoat required adds too many ounces to the stock."

Also standard is a 1/2" Pachmayr Decelerator pad. "While we normally accommodate most customer requests, we won't affix a big, heavy 1 1/2" recoil pad on the Hunters EDGE stock. It violates the entire concept of an ultralight."

According to Kelly McMillan, "Our regular hunting style fiberglass stocks are already lighter than wood. But for years, we refused to make an ultralight. The McMillan brand has a reputation for quality. Ultralights just wouldn't stand up to our standards for strength and durability. The new EDGE 100% graphite technology is the breakthrough we needed to finally offer an ultralight that we can stand behind. Shear strength is exceptional. And as for handling the hardest-kicking magnums, your shoulder bones will crumble long before this stock feels any stress."

Suggested retail price on the Hunters EDGE is $547 and includes full CNC inletting for your action and barrel contour, recoil pad installed to your specified length of pull, sling swivels, your choice of exterior paint colors, and the McMillan lifetime warranty.

Additional product information and photographs are available on the McMillan website, To purchase the new Hunters EDGE, contact your local gunsmith or call McMillan at (623) 582-9635.

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