McMillan Fiberglass Stocks


Back in the early 1970s Gale McMillan, a competitive shooter, recognized a need for a better way to build competition rifles. Gale was tired of experiencing the constant shifting of zero that occurs while shooting under varied weather conditions using a wood rifle stock. Gale and Rock, Gale's oldest son, set out to find that "better way" and spent the next couple of years and all of Gale's life's savings developing the many processes used to produce today's McMillan fiberglass rifle stock. McMillan introduced their fiberglass stock at the 1973 Super-Shoot in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the rest, as they say, is history.

The company became a true family affair when Kelly, Gale's youngest son, joined the company in 1975. In the beginning there was just Gale, Rock and Kelly with each having plenty of opportunity to get "hands on" experience in the business. Kelly has been the General Manager of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks for the past 15 years and because of his experience in every phase of the business he has been able to accomplish a small miracle, the company has grown from producing 120 stocks per year to producing over 12,000 per year while maintaining a quality record any high-tech company would be proud of.

In 1976 the Marine Corps, searching for tough, durable stocks, sought McMillan's assistance in the design of the M40A1 sniper rifle system. Gale convinced them they could build a better rifle using techniques and materials used by the competitive benchrest shooters. The Marines ordered over 1,100 stocks and sent their armorers to Arizona for several weeks of training in the "McMillan" way of building rifles. The M40A1 went on to become the world's standard for sniper rifles. Maj. (Ret) John Plaster in his book The Ultimate Sniper describes Gale as the father of the modern sniper rifle for his part in the development of the M40A1. The 1,100 stocks purchased by the Marines came with the same "lifetime" guarantee that all of our stocks come with. In the nearly 20 years the M40A1 has been in service McMillan has replaced exactly 3 stocks. We believe this is a real testament to the durability of our products because, as you know, nothing is Marine proof.

A look at Gale's FFL log book from those early years reveals over 150 rifles built for groups such as the US Marine Corps Shooting Team, the Navy Team, the National Guard Shooting Team and several military counter-terrorist teams. Gale also built rifles for many world class competitive shooters including Lones Wigger, Jack Foster and Jack Writer. All of these rifles were built using McMillan fiberglass stocks.


Because of McMillan's reputation for technological excellence McMillan stocks have been chosen by the world's leading firearms manufacturers for their guns. While most firearms manufacturers offer our stocks through their custom shops several have come out with new rifle models designed specifically around our stocks, these include the Weatherby Fibermark and Fiberguard, Winchester Winlite and Sharpshooter, Sako Fiberclass and the Remington KS rifle.

With the McMillan process no shortcuts are allowed. A combination of epoxy impregnated, high-pressure laminated fiberglass cloth and chopped glass strands are coupled with computerized numerical control machines holding receiver and barrel inletting tolerances to the nearest 1/1000 of an inch. Each stock is subjected to a four station quality control check and the critical eye of production manager Dick Davis where not even the slightest defect is allowed. Our dedication to excellence backs McMillan stocks with an UNCONDITIONAL (NO HASSLE) LIFETIME GUARANTEE.