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McMillan Guarantee

Every McMILLAN fiberglass stock carries an "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee" against cracking, warping, splitting, breaking or becoming unserviceable for any reason. If a problem occurs the stock will be repaired, replaced or the purchase price will be refunded.


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your McMILLAN fiberglass stock, return it within 30 days in good condition for a full refund or exchange.


100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Lazzeroni Sporter

Lazzeroni Sporter: was designed by the famous Harry Lawson and was specifically made for heavy recoil rifles. The forend is checkered and slightly flared to accommodate the larger barrel (up to a #7) contour of the large caliber rifles. It has a high, roll-over monte carlo style cheek piece, a small palm swell and checkered pistol grip, as well as a small amount of cast off. All features combined to lessen felt recoil. Available in right and left-hand models for Remington style actions only.


Lazzeroni Thumbhole Sporter

Lazzeroni Thumbhole Sporter: Like the Sporter, the was designed by Harry Lawson, for heavy recoil rifles. The checkered forend is slightly flared and will accept up to a # 7 barrel contour. The pistol grip is checkered and slightly more vertical with a small palm swell. It has a roll-over cheek piece, with a small monte carlo and small amount of cast off. Available in right-hand only, and will accept a variety of actions.

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