Additional Accessories
Price includes Installation

Presentation Pad $50.00
Decelerator Pad $65.00
Spacer System (includes Pad) $90.00
3-way Adjustable Butt Plate (includes Pad) $140.00
Vertically Adjustable Butt Plate $90.00
Adjustable Cheek Piece $90.00
Thumbwheel Adjustable Cheek Piece $110.00
Handstop Rail anodized black $35.00
Sling Swivels studs (per stud) $6.00
Sling Swivels and studs (each) $12.00
Flushmount Swivel cups (each) $10.00
Flushmount Swivels and cups (each) $17.50
Stock made with graphite $70.00