McMillan Fiberglass Stocks


Steyr SSG
This brand new stock was designed specifically for the Steyr SSG and has been adapted from the MCMillian A-3 stock. This stock comes standard with a thumb wheel adjustable cheek piece and a spacer system. Hand stop rail is optional. This stock can be inletted for the Steyr SSG only and can be shot both right and left-handed. .

Sig 202
This new stock was designed by McMillan for Sig Arms to replace the existing 202 factory stock. It will accept all three different sized actions; however, it can only be inletted for 202 actions with a factory type barrel. This stock can be shot right or left-handed and is only available in our four painted finishes.

This stock has been redesigned from our original Prone stock to accomodate more frequently used actions such as the Remington, Winchester, Nesika Bay, Hall and Panda. One-fourth of an inch has been added to the top of the stock so that actions will fit properly.

Nesika 64 Lightweight
Nesika Bay Varmint
This new stock was designed similar to our Remington Varmint Stock, with a beavertail forend approximately 2" wide. It will take up to 1.2" barrel contour. It is a classic style stock without a cheek piece and can be fired right and left-handed. Designd specifically for Nesika Bay actions.

L.O.D. 64 Lightweight
This stock designed by McMillan for LOD was voted the #1 stock in recent international competition and is the most ergonomically correct stock on the market today. It has a fully adjustable rear handstop, adjustable butt spacer system and a flush mounted saddle cheek piece. It is available for Remington, Sako, Winchester, Ruger and other actions. Now available through McMillan for the first time.

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