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Sako rifles are easily the most popluar of the European rifles. In addition, they have produced some of the most popular stock designs available. The Hunter, Classic, and the Varmint designs can be made for just about all Sako Actions. Since Sako changes their actions often, it is imperative that we have certain information to ensure your satisfaction. The following information will assist you in deciding what information is needed when ordering one of our stocks.

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McMillan Guarantee

Every McMILLAN fiberglass stock carries an "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee" against cracking, warping, splitting, breaking or becoming unserviceable for any reason. If a problem occurs the stock will be repaired, replaced or the purchase price will be refunded.


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your McMILLAN fiberglass stock, return it within 30 days in good condition for a full refund or exchange.


100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Sako 75

The Sako 75 is a reproduction of the factory stock, which may be one of the finest hunting stocks on the market today. It comes with a monte carlo and cheek piece, small palm swell and uniquely designed fine line checkering. It can accommodate all factory Sako 75 actions and up to a #5 barrel contour. It is available in right and left-hand.

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Sako 75 Varmint

The Sako 75 Varmint is another exceptional offering for the Sako line of action. A monte carlo and cheek piece, small palm swell and fine lined checkering make this somewhat unique as a varmint stock. A small palm swell adds to the custom feel. The forend is what we call "semi-beavertail" in that it is wide enough to be stable when shooting off sandbags or pedestal but not as wide as a benchrest stock. This stock is available for Sako 75 actions only and will accept up to a #8 barrel contour. Available in right-hand only.

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Sako 75 Safari

The Sako 75 Safari. The Sako 75 Safari is a straight comb English express style stock specifically for the Sako 75-IV and 75-V actions. It has a nice sculptured cheekpiece and some cast off. The medium fore-end will accept barrel contours up to a #5A Douglas or smaller. Available in right hand only.

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Sako Classic

The Sako Classic is an Americanized European design with a straight comb and a cheek piece with a shadow line. The stock has a small amount of cast off as well as cant, which allows the shooter to get behind the scope more easily. The Sako Classic can be used for most Sako actions and will accept up to a #5 contour. Available in right and left-hand.

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Sako Varmint

The Sako Varmint, with its semi-beavertail forend is made for use with most Sako actions, as well as the PPC barreled action. This stock has a monte carlo comb but no cheek piece, allowing it to be shot right or left-handed. This stock is one of the more popular stocks in the McMillan line. It can be used on Remington 700 and Winchester 70 actions with minor customizing and will accept up to a #8 contour. Available in right and left-hand.

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Sako Hunter

The Sako Hunter is a copy of the factory original hunter design stock. It has a monte carlo cheek piece, as well as a palm swell. It also has a small amount of cast off and cant, which makes for easier target acquisition. The forend of this stock is very narrow and will take up to a #4 barrel contour with a short barrel cylinder. There is a hunter style stock to fit most Sako actions in both right and left-hand. This stock can also be used for Remington and Winchester actions.

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TRG-S Hunter

The TRG-S Hunter. Based on the popular Sako Hunter design, this stock is designed specifically for the Sako TRG-S rifle. The slender fore-arm will accept custom barrels up to a #4 Douglas contour. It is available in right hand only. This stock comes with our custom steel trigger guard/floorplate assembly, and requires the assembly of some parts from your factory stock.

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