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Silhouette /STC

There are five different stocks for metallic silhouette competition, which are specifically designed for competition and therefore are not particularly well-suited for hunting


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Silhouette Pricing

All Sihouette stocks listed with the exception of the Intimidator are $393.00 completely finished.

The Intimidator costs $600.00 completely finished.


Standard Silhouette

The Master Silhouette is a new silhouette stock based on the basic Anschutz design but with a higher comb, a shortened fore-end and a more sculptured pistol grip. The generic rear tang can be inletted for most rimfire and centfire actions. With a 1.35" barrel channel it will accept all barrel contours. Available in right-hand only.

Thumbhole Silhouette

The Thumbhole Silhouette was designed by Richard King for use with Remington 700 actions. It has a high roll-over type monte carlo cheek piece and a deep, platform-type belly. The stock is available as a blind magazine or single shot only and will accept barrels up to a #5 contour. Available in right-hand only.

Anschutz Silhouette

The Anschütz® Silhouette was specifically designed for the Anschütz® 54MS action but can be adapted for other smallbore actions as well as Remington 700 actions for high power. The Anschütz® Silhouette can also be inletted to accept a heavy barreled Ruger 10/22, as is often used in the Sportsman Team Challenge competition. Available in right and left-hand.
Anschütz® Sihouette.


Anschutz Thumbhole

The Anschütz® Thumbhole stock was designed for the 54:18 Repeater. This factory reproduction will prove to be one of the most popular silhouette stocks offered. It can also be used for all the Anschütz® 54 or 2000 series actions. Available in right-hand only.
Anschütz® Thumbhole.


STC (Sportsman Team Challenge)

The STC (Sportsman Team Challenge) stock is provided for this unique form of competitionIt is a modified version of the Anschütz® Silhouette that will accept a Ruger 10/22. The standard inletting is for a .920 to .930 diameter barrel. Also acceptable for metallic silhouette competition, if you would like to use a 10/22. Available in right-hand only.


STC Intimidator

The STC Intimidator stock was specifically designed for the Chevy Truck Challenge. It is the best off-hand stock on the market today. Being fully adjustable with 3-way adjustable butt plate and adjustable cheek piece, this stock will fit all shooters male and female. The uniquely designed forend allows for conventional or action type shooting. It has 3 inch deep belly for position style shooting. Available in right and left-hand.



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