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Because competition stocks were designed to be as accurate as possible, most of them double as tactical stocks. The Prone, Baker Special, Silhouette, Big Mac and M1A stocks have all been used in military or law enforcement applications. In addition to these stocks, the following were specifically designed for tactical use.


The M1A is patterned after the Marine Corps Match M14 stock and is ideal for a heavy barreled, match grade service rifle. It is available without hardware in molded-in colors only. It may be completely finished with a painted exterior if all hardware is supplied by the customer. It may or may not be fitted for the steel stock liner and must be properly bedded to the customer's action before firing.


The M2A stock is a pistol grip M1A with a vertically adjustable saddle type cheek piece. It is designed to be used as a long-range weapon when equipped with a scope. The adjustable cheek piece allows the shooter to see through the scope and still maintain a desirable cheek weld. It must be bedded and is not legal for NRA Service Rifle Competition.


Our M3A stock was designed as an alternative to the pistol grip type M2A. It has a vertical pistol grip with a wrap-over thumb shelf and can be equipped with a vertically adjustable saddle type cheek piece. The butt is similar in design to the A-2 stock and can be fitted with an adjustable spacer system or a fixed length of pull. The forend is slightly smaller than our Match M1A and is consequently lighter and more maneuverable. It must be bedded. It is not legal for NRA Service Rifle Competition.

General Purpose Hunting (HTG)

M40A-1(HTG) - General Purpose Hunting
The original M40A1 Marine Sniper Rifle stock was designed for a heavy barrel Remington 700. It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL (blind magazine) or BDL (hinged floorplate). It will take any barrel contour up to a #8. This stock can also be used for most Remington, Winchester, and Savage actions. The HTG is available with or without texture on the forend and pistol grip. Available in right and left-hand.


The A-2 Tactical Stock was designed using input from the U.S. Marine Corps as well as the F.B.I. It is the most widely used field sniper stock available and is duplicated often. A vertical pistol grip and straight line, extra-high comb provides for better prone shooting as well as seated bench type shooting. The forend is tapered downward from front to rear, which allows for minute elevation adjustments by sliding the rifle forward when using a front sand bagIt can be equipped with either a 3-way adjustable butt assembly, an adjustable spacer system or fixed length of pull. A saddle type cheek piece may be added for use with night vision equipment. Now available for FN Mauser actions and Sako actions. Available in right and left-hand.


The A-3 is a modified lightweight version of our famous A-2 stock. It is available with or without an integral adjustable cheek piece. The forend is .312 inch shallower from top to bottom to provide a more stable platform, while shooting off sand bags or a pedestal. The stock is also filled slightly lighter than the A-2 but retains all the features that make the A-2 such an excellent tactical stock. The A-3 is made primarily for Remington and Winchester actions, and it will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter. Available in right and left-hand.


The A-4 is the latest in the evolution of the "Tactical/Sniper" stock. Designed to be everything the tactical shooter could want, this stock is fully adjustable. Adjustable saddle type cheek piece has been redesigned to be more comfortable and efficient. The forend is similar to the A-3 with the same type of vertical pistol grip. Available with fixed length of pull or adjustable spacer system. The new concept "Butt Hook" design allows for better control. The A-4 will accommodate all Remington 700 and Model 70 actions and can be customized for other actions at an additional cost. Available in right and left-hand.

McHale/Steyr SSG

The McHale stock was originally designed for use with a number of custom actions, and therefore requires some fitting when used with most actionsIt has a high, straight comb without a cheek piece so the stock can be shot from either sideIt has an extra deep belly which continues straight out to the forend. This stock is essentially a blind magazine type stockIt works very well with Hall and Stolle actions. This is also the stock that is used for the Steyr SSG. The McHale stock has been modified to accept the Steyr SSG Police Model. Because feeding with the SSG clip is so critical, it is required that the customer send in the barreled action so that everything can be fitted properly at no extra charge. Available in right and left-hand.


The SSG PI - PII stock was specifically designed for the SSG based on the A -3 pattern with Steyr quick adjustable spacer system, thumbwheel adjustable cheek piece, black anodized forend rail, Uncle Mike's sling swivel studs and finished in black paint.


The Prone Stock was patterned after an Anschütz® 1411 Prone Rifle Stock. It can be used for smallbore using the Anschütz® or several other rimfire actions. It is most commonly used in highpower with a Remington Model 700 or a Winchester Model 70. It comes with an adjustable cheek piece and can be fitted with a 3-way adjustable butt plate as well as either a Freeland or Anschütz® type handstop rail. Available in right or left-hand.

Baker Special

The Baker Special was designed by Billie Baker using a Winchester Marksman as a starting point. He first extended the beavertail forend to the rear and tapered it back through the receiver area to increase stiffness. He then added a drop belly so that Model 700's and Model 70's would have no difficulty holding five rounds in the magazine. It can be equipped with a vertically adjustable comb and a 3-way adjustable butt assembly as well as a handstop rail. Available in right or left-hand.

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