Reasons Not to Join the Military: You’ll Be Shocked

A major life decision, such as enlisting in the military should not be rushed. There are many benefits or reasons why you should join the military if you’re one of the thousands contemplating it, but you also can’t ignore the growing number of drawbacks.

The military is not for everyone and here are some of the top reasons why you should reconsider joining the military.

Reasons Not to Join the Military and Armed Forces

Unwilling to Relocate

Some people enjoy their current residence and have no desire to roam the globe at the expense of others. The military armed forces offer its personnel more options for travel than any other organization in the world because of its worldwide network of installations.

If you join the military or armed forces, relocations are common. Therefore, do not enroll if you are aware that you cannot or do not want to move. The military maintains numerous overseas bases, therefore personnel are routinely sent to other countries.

You may have to reside away from your primary base during some missions, particularly in times of war and emergency. You might need to move at times to places you’ve never even heard of! In short, you will frequently have to transfer your home and family in addition to moving.

You shouldn’t join the military or armed forces if you feel that this will be too much for you to bear and adjust to.

Cannot Spend Time Away from Family or Loved Ones

The armed forces or military lifestyle is full of deployments, permanent station transfers, and ad hoc duty assignments. Leaving your family and friends behind is a recurring theme in military life, despite the fact that these phrases are not interchangeable.

Even though the military offers family separation allowance, a type of military pay, when a service member is apart from family for longer than 30 days, the additional cash is no substitute for being apart from the ones you care about the most.

The military might not be the greatest choice for you if you’re a family-oriented person who cannot picture spending a significant amount of time away from family, for miles at a time.

If you have dependents and no backup plan, you may want to reconsider joining the military.

For instance, if you’re a single parent and the only person responsible for taking care of your kids, parents, or other family members, you shouldn’t enlist in the military unless you have a solid plan for who will look after them while you’re away. If you already have a full plate of obligations and chores in your life, do not join the military or armed forces .

History of Hard Drug Use or Addiction and/or Alcohol Dependence

The military and armed forces are tough about drug use in all branches. You will need to pass a drug test before you can enlist. You will not be eligible if drugs are found in your urine sample during a urinalysis.

Additionally, the military or armed forces is not for those who are unwilling to give up their habitual drug usage now that some narcotics are legal in some jurisdictions. Don’t anticipate becoming an exception. Drugs are strictly prohibited in the military and armed forces.

Opposed to Taking or Following Orders

This is among the most obvious deterrents to enlisting in the military. The military environment is entirely hierarchical, with clear ranks. Throughout your duty, you will undoubtedly receive commands and be instructed on what to accomplish. Avoid joining the military if you have a large ego and dislike being told what to do.

When you first join the military, you will be a small fish in a huge pond. No matter how much younger the person in charge is than you, you cannot refuse commands. In this case, there is no military justice. Although your physical and intellectual performance may help you advance in your career, it does not grant you the right to decide whether you want to obey orders or not.

The chain of command system is used in the military just like it is in the civil sector. Your military rank does not correspond to your age. If a 21-year-old has a greater rank than you, a 28-year-old, you must obey their instructions. There will almost certainly always be someone in a higher position than you, and regardless of their age, you must show respect for them.

Don’t Like Working with Others

There are many people in the military, which is a large institution. Therefore, regardless of your position, teamwork is crucial. Do not apply for the military if you dislike working with others.

You must participate in cooperative and collaborative action in almost all military vocations and positions. This fact will remain unchanged regardless of the branch you are in. Even if you are a truck driver, cook, water delivery worker, medic, etc., you should be prepared to collaborate with others.

You will have to collaborate with individuals from different departments of the military or armed forces as a whole in addition to your direct work with one another inside a unit or group.

As an illustration, if you are a paratrooper, you will interact not only with your comrades but also with infantry, medical personnel, pilots of aircraft, etc. Basically, joining the military or armed forces is unsuitable for you if you are not willing to work as a team.

The armed forces and/or military operate with a team-first, mission-first mentality. You can find it difficult to adjust to military service if you don’t learn to use the word “we” instead of “me.”

Aversion to Violence or Gore

This deterrent to enlisting in the military or armed forces cannot be made any clearer. You already know that violence is an integral part of military and armed forces life if you’ve watched any military-themed movies.

There is always a lingering element of violence and gore, even though your individual position will determine how much violence you are exposed to.

If you are a soldier in the infantry, you will probably have to bull-head in harsh environments more often. You’ll need to get proficient with your weaponry and possibly use it to fire at other soldiers who are still alive while fighting.

However, even as an army administrator, there is a probability that you will encounter difficult situations. It is certainly not a violence-free setting if you are sitting in the office organising files while the enemy makes a raid.

Therefore, avoid joining the military or armed forces if you find it difficult to handle violence and/or gore. Perhaps a quiet civilian world job would be better.

Expecting “At-Will” Employment

If you work in the private sector, you may be aware that all states in the US, with the exception of Montana, are known as “at will” states under US labour law.

When an employee has an at-will employment relationship, their employer is free to fire them whenever they want, for any reason—aside from those that are illegal—or for no reason at all. In addition, there are no legal consequences if an employee quits their employment at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.

It is unfortunately not possible to simply quit the military service. There is no easy way to leave the military or armed forces . Your moral and legal obligations to the U.S. Government are established after you raise your right hand, take the oath, and sign on the dotted line.

If you are physically or mentally unable to execute your tasks, the military or armed forces may release you for a variety of reasons. Don’t even consider going AWOL and completely leaving the service. You’ll be fired dishonourably, lose all of your pay, be demoted to the lowest enlisted grade, and spend time in jail.

If you are given a dishonorable discharge, you forfeit all veteran benefits and it will be very difficult for you to find employment. Therefore, be sure this is what you want to do for at least the next four years of your life before enlisting in the military or armed forces .

Little Personal Time

You won’t have much free time as a military or armed forces person. Your day will be spent primarily in training and mission execution as you serve your nation and its citizens. Therefore, it follows that you will have little free time.

Do not anticipate lying in bed, watching Netflix, donning a face mask, and relaxing. In the military, time is a luxury. There is always work to be done! You’re fortunate to have enough time to take a shower and get dressed.

Furthermore, if you truly have free time, you might feel bad because this idea will have become so commonplace. This is another reason why it’s so challenging for new recruits to fit in at first. You frequently experience a sense of emptiness when you are unable to keep up with yourself.

The military service is not for you if your personal time is valuable to you and you cannot afford to give it up.

Physically and Emotionally Stretched

Physically and mentally, serving in the military as service members is difficult. To start, you will need to verify your competency by passing a written test and a physical fitness test.

As a recruit, you will also need to go through arduous basic training, commonly known as boot camp training, which establishes standards for your physical fitness and mental prowess. The particular actions you must take for this vary on the branch of the military or armed forces you are in.

For instance, to join the Marine Corps, you must have exceptional swimming ability, and to join the Navy, you must pass a live fire training test. Veterans and active military members usually concur that the Air Force is the most difficult branch.

However, it also heavily depends on your current set of skills and talents. However, there are significant physical demands across all branches. If you are not physically healthy enough to serve in the military, you will be dropped.

Additionally, there are numerous rules and guidelines that you must internalise. It is a deluge of information that can be challenging to handle and get more and more daunting with time. Do not anticipate anyone wiping your blunders under the rug because the military and armed forces has strict protocol.

Once you are a recognised service member of the military, you will encounter challenging circumstances that require quick thinking and appropriate action. You will undoubtedly feel a lot of pressure.

Your choice and course of action could determine not just the future of your troops and other members of the military, but also that of your entire nation. As a result, it will occasionally be cognitively and emotionally draining.

If you are a combat soldier or infantryman, you will probably see more horrific and graphic scenes of war. As a result of what you witness and experience on the battlefield, you can lose a loved one, get injuries, or develop scars.

As a result, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders are prevalent in veterans, retirees, and active duty service members. The majority of military personnel also struggle with sleep deprivation and depression.

Be prepared to take on extra duties if you decide to make a life changing decision and pursue a lengthy military career in which you serve for a lengthier period of time than is typical and advance in rank. You will most likely face additional physical and emotional challenges in this situation.

Strict Physical Appearance and Grooming Requirements

When it comes to appearance, the military has high expectations. You must appear and act the part because you represent the military as a whole, especially when you are in uniform.

Face hair, for instance, is prohibited, with the exception of a little moustache. For guys, having long hair is not an option. From the length of your fingernails to the way your hair is styled, the military has rules.

While in uniform, long, dangling earrings are prohibited, and tattoos must be covered. Your lifestyle outside of uniform is also influenced by your physical health and appearance. While you cannot consume alcohol or smoke while wearing a uniform, you are still held to a high level when not wearing one.


Free medical care ought to be a perk, right? On the surface, yes. Deeper inspection reveals that there may possibly be a drawback to this.

You aren’t allowed to pick your own doctor in the military. Under Tricare, a physician who is referred to as a primary care manager is allocated to you and your dependents. Although you can’t choose your own supplier, you can always ask to switch PCMs.

Education Requirements

You must meet certain GPA requirements if you choose to use the GI Bill. If not, you are liable for paying the money back.

You Become Property of the US Government

Even though you can take advantage of our magnificent nation’s liberties, when you enlist in the military, you turn into the government of the United States’ property. The task given to you must be completed.

In addition, you must conduct yourself with dignity and respect for both yourself and others. You must be in good physical fitness and mental health. You have to go where the military directs you. What your superior commanders say is final and binding.

Risks & Dangers

Serving in the military can be a risky job with long-term consequences. According to Brown University, the price of war is high for American veterans and their families.

Due to the physical and psychological injuries they experience in combat zones, many veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will live with a disability. At least 970,000 veterans are disabled in some way.

Early Retirement

Both positive and terrible news are presented here. If you enlist in the military at 18, you can retire and begin receiving benefits at age 38. The bad news is that you won’t be very old when you leave the service.

You can go work at another civilian job till you are quite old because you are only 38 years old. If you want to retire young, the military’s 20-year retirement is a fantastic perk.

Additional Reasons Why The Military Won’t Accept You

According to the crew at We Are the Mighty, there are several reasons the Army won’t accept you, including age and weight limits, medical and criminal backgrounds, and even specific tattoos. The other branches have comparable justifications as well.

While it is a calling and an honour to serve your country, there are requirements. Additionally, not everyone should pursue a career in service to their country, so it’s important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of this line of employment.

To enter the military, you must successfully complete the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) exam. You cannot be accepted if you cannot.


Our article on the top reasons not to enlist in the military has come to an end. Military service includes a number of drawbacks. Life in the military can be difficult without the right direction and assistance. Before devoting your life to at least 4 years of military service, be sure to weigh all of your options.

There are undoubtedly additional factors that could discourage you from joining the military. Even though they are aware of the advantages, such as free medical care, free health care, paid vacations, and secure salary, the majority of people choose not to dedicate themselves to serving their country for the reasons listed above.

Having said that, it is totally great if you realize that the military is not what you were meant to do. You may help your nation and people in other ways as well. If you don’t want to join the military, don’t push yourself to. If it is something you detest, you won’t be able to perform at your best, failing not only yourself but also your nation.

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