Ruger Mark II Hunter

The Ruger Mark II Hunter. has a monte carlo cheek piece, as well as a palm swell. It also has a small amount of cast off and cant, which makes it easier target acquistion. The forend of this stock is very narrow and will take up to #4 barrel contour with a short barrel cylinder. The stock is available in right and left-hand.

Mark II Classic

The Mark II Classic is an American European design with a straight comb and a cheek piece with a shadow line. The stock has a small amount of cast off as well as cant, which allows the shooter to get behind the scope more easily #5 contour. Available in right and left-hand.

Ruger "R"

The Ruger "R" is a copy of the standard factory issue stock. It is a classic stock without a cheek piece and can be shot right or left-handed. It can be inletted for any standard Ruger Model 77 action, either short or long and will accept any barrel contour offered by the factory, as well as custom barrels up to and including a #5 contour.

Ruger Ultra Light

The Ruger Ultra Light is a copy of the factory Ruger RL stock. This is a classic style lightweight stock with no cheek piece, slim pistol grip and forend. The stock can be used on any Ruger Model 77 barreled action, short or long, that the factory offers as an RL. It can also be used for Ruger "R" barreled actions with factory barrel, except magnum calibers. Is not available for Mark II actions. It will accept up to a #3 contour. Available in right and left-hand.

10/22 Sporter

The 10/22 Sporter is a standard style hunting stock with a monte carlo comb and no cheek pieceIt's similar to the factory Deluxe Sporter and will take barrels up to 1 inch in diameter. Available in right and left-hand.

10/22 Thumbhole Sporter

The 10/22 Thumbhole Sporter is a modified copy of our Thumbhole Silhouette stock. It has a high roll-over cheek piece and a near vertical pistol grip. It will work well for smallbore silhouette, and it will take barrels up to 1 inch in diameter. Available in right-hand only.

STC (Sportsman Team Challenge)

The STC (Sportsman Team Challenge) stock is provided for this unique form of competitionIt is a modified version of the Anschütz® Silhouette that will accept a Ruger 10/22. The standard inletting is for a .920 to .930 diameter barrel. Also acceptable for metallic silhouette competition, if you would like to use a 10/22. Available in right-hand only.

STC Intimidator

The STC Intimidator stock was specifically designed for the Chevy Truck Challenge. It is the best off-hand stock on the market today. Being fully adjustable with 3-way adjustable butt plate and adjustable cheek piece, this stock will fit all shooters male and female. The uniquely designed forend allows for conventional or action type shooting. It has 3 inch deep belly for position style shooting. Available in right and left-hand.

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