Gordie White from Expedition Adventures writes about the McMillan Mozambique Safari.

Two years ago, Kelly McMillan and I thought it would be interesting to arrange an African safari to test his rifles and new line of ammunition. Craig Boddington, outdoor writer, accepted an invitation to co-host the group. Plans were made to hunt Mozambique with Mark Haldane, owner of Zambeze Delta Safaris.

Craig Boddington

I have recently returned from the safari and it was not only interesting but extremely successful. Hunting along with Kelly and Craig were Dr. Bruce Dunn, Mel Zeman, J.C. Bell, Sean and Cathy Murtaugh.All participants were supplied with two McMillan Custom Hunting rifles – one rifle for plains game and the other for buffalo. Plains game rifles were chambered in 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag and 338 Win Mag. Buffalo rifles were chambered in 375 H&H, 404 Jeffrey and 416 Rem Mag. All game was taken exclusively with McMillan's line of premium ammunition. Buffalo were taken with McMillan African Dangerous Game (ADG) ammunition. I am very pleased to report that rifles and ammunition performed perfectly. McMillan rifles and ammunition are clearly in a league of their own.

I would like to thank Kelly, Craig, Bruce, Mel, J.C., Sean and Cathy for traveling to Mozambique and making the McMillan Safari possible. I would also like to thank Mark Haldane and the entire ZDS staff for providing exceptional service and an incredible safari. The concessions are huge (3 million acres), home to tremendous game populations and truly one of the finest wild hunting areas in Africa to hunt buffalo, sable and many plains game species.

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Read more about this fantastic hunt from fellow hunter, J.C. Bell. J.C. describes this "dream hunt" in his article titled: Bucket List Safari.

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