SIG P365 XL Review [Good Concealed Carry Handgun?]

The SIG Sauer P365 XL is a popular choice among concealed carry enthusiasts and everyday carriers.

Having spent considerable time with this firearm, I can offer a detailed perspective on its various aspects. In this review, we’ll explore whether the P365 XL is the right fit for you, and delve into its specific features.

Is The Sig Sauer P365 XL The Best Fit For You?

Is The Sig Sauer P365 XL The Best Fit For You?

Determining if the Sig Sauer P365 XL is the best fit for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. In this Sig P365 XL review, I’ll highlight some key considerations. For those seeking a balance between compact size and enhanced capacity, the P365 XL excels.

It offers the concealability of smaller guns while providing the extended grip and higher round count of larger models.

As someone who values both comfort and performance in a concealed carry firearm, I find the P365 XL to be a strong contender. Its longer grip and longer slide provide improved control and accuracy, which are essential during stressful situations.

The flat trigger, which offers a crisp break and short reset, enhances shooting performance, making it suitable for both novice shooters and experienced gun owners.

Furthermore, the P365 XL accommodates a micro red dot optic, allowing for a versatile and customizable shooting experience. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer the precision of a red dot over traditional iron sights.

If you’re looking for a reliable, everyday carry firearm that doesn’t compromise on performance, the P365 XL could be the best fit for you.


The magwell of the Sig Sauer P365 XL is designed with efficiency in mind. Its slightly flared design aids in quicker and more reliable magazine changes, which is crucial during high-stress situations. Whether you’re conducting a same drill or simply practicing at the range, the flared magwell ensures smooth and rapid magazine insertion.

From my personal experience, the magwell’s design significantly reduces the chances of fumbling during a reload. This feature is especially beneficial for novice shooters who may still be mastering their reloading technique. The ability to perform quick and reliable magazine changes adds a layer of confidence and preparedness when carrying the P365 XL.

Ergonomics, is The P365 XL a Viable Everyday Carry Option?

Ergonomics, is The P365 XL a Viable Everyday Carry Option?

Ergonomically, the Sig Sauer P365 XL shines. Its design prioritizes comfort and functionality, making it a viable option for everyday carry. The slightly longer grip compared to the standard P365 provides better control and handling without significantly affecting concealability. The grip module is textured to ensure a secure hold, even in adverse conditions.

The P365 XL’s slim profile makes it ideal for various carry positions, including appendix carry. The longer slide and barrel length contribute to better balance and reduced recoil, which enhances accuracy during rapid fire.

Despite its extended dimensions, the P365 XL remains compact enough to be easily concealed, fitting well in IWB (Inside Waistband) and OWB (Outside Waistband) holsters.

The ergonomics extend to other features such as the trigger guard, which is spacious enough to accommodate gloved hands. The flat faced trigger offers a consistent and comfortable trigger pull, promoting better shot placement. Additionally, the well-positioned magazine release and slide stop are easy to operate without requiring a significant shift in grip.

In my experience, carrying the P365 XL daily is comfortable and convenient. Its balance of size, capacity, and ergonomics makes it a practical choice for concealed carry. The firearm’s design ensures that it doesn’t print noticeably under clothing, which is a common concern with other guns.

Overall, the Sig Sauer P365 XL stands out as a popular gun for those seeking a reliable and efficient everyday carry option.


The grip on the Sig P365 XL is one of its standout features. Compared to the standard P365, the XL version offers a longer grip, providing a more secure and comfortable hold, especially for those with larger hands. The texture is aggressive enough to ensure a firm grip but not so rough that it becomes uncomfortable during extended shooting sessions.

As someone with larger hands, I appreciate the additional length of the grip, which allows me to wrap my support hand securely around the pistol. This results in better control and reduced felt recoil, making it easier to maintain accuracy shot after shot.

For novice shooters, the extended grip can also enhance confidence by providing a more stable shooting platform.

The P365 XL’s grip is designed to accommodate more rounds, with a standard capacity of 12+1, and optional 15-round magazines available. This higher capacity is a significant advantage in both defensive and range scenarios, reducing the need for frequent reloads.


The sights on the Sig P365 XL are another strong point. It comes standard with X-RAY3 Day/Night sights, which consist of a high-visibility front sight and a rear sight designed for quick target acquisition.

The front sight is particularly bright, making it easy to align with the rear sight even in low-light conditions.

For those interested in red dots, the P365 XL is optic-ready, with the slide cut to accommodate a variety of micro red dot optics, such as the Shield RMSc. This feature adds versatility, allowing shooters to customize their sighting system according to their preferences.

Personally, I find that using a red dot enhances my shooting accuracy and speed, especially in dynamic scenarios.

The slightly longer slide length of the P365 XL compared to the standard P365 contributes to a longer sight radius. This improves overall accuracy, as it allows for finer adjustments when aligning the sights. Whether you’re using iron sights or a red dot, the P365 XL provides a clear and reliable sight picture.

Magazine Release

The magazine release on the Sig P365 XL is well-designed and user-friendly. It’s positioned perfectly for easy access without requiring a significant shift in grip, which is crucial during fast-paced shooting scenarios. The release is also reversible, making it an excellent option for left-handed shooters.

In my experience, the magazine release on the P365 XL is smooth and responsive. During a fast forward reload drill, the magazine drops freely, allowing for quick and efficient magazine changes. This is particularly beneficial in high-stress situations where every second counts.

The ease of operation of the magazine release is an important feature for novice shooters, as it simplifies the reloading process. Additionally, using the P365 XL with an OWB holster, I found that the magazine release remains unobtrusive, preventing accidental activation while carrying the gun.

Overall, the Sig P365 XL’s grip, sights, and magazine release contribute significantly to its reputation as a reliable and user-friendly concealed carry pistol. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to firearms, these features make the P365 XL a compelling choice for everyday carry and personal defense.

Slide Stop

The slide stop on the Sig P365 XL is designed to be both functional and easy to operate. It is positioned for intuitive access without interfering with the natural grip on the gun. For a novice shooter, this makes a significant difference when it comes to learning and mastering the mechanics of handgun operation.

In my experience, the slide stop is well-sized—not too large to get in the way, but not so small that it’s difficult to engage. When the last round in the mag is fired, the slide locks back reliably, allowing for quick and clear indication that it’s time to reload.

This feature is particularly important during high-stress situations or competitive shooting, where every second counts.

The ease of operating the slide stop with either hand adds to the P365 XL’s versatility. Whether you’re performing slow, deliberate manipulations or rapid, defensive drills, the slide stop functions smoothly and consistently.

For shooters with smaller hands, the placement and design of the slide stop allow for easy reach and operation without needing to adjust the grip on the frame.


The trigger on the Sig P365 XL is one of its most notable features. It boasts a flat-faced design, which provides a consistent and comfortable pull.

This flat trigger design helps ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed across the finger, resulting in a smoother and more controlled shooting experience.

The trigger feels crisp with a clean break, which is a huge plus for accuracy. When you first press the trigger, there’s a slight take-up, followed by a distinct wall. Applying more pressure breaks the trigger cleanly, and this consistency is crucial for maintaining accuracy across multiple shots.

For a novice shooter, this can significantly improve confidence and shooting performance.

Compared to other handguns on the market, the trigger on the P365 XL stands out. I’ve found it to be superior to many stock triggers found on comparable models, such as those from Glock. The consistent break and minimal creep make a noticeable difference, especially during extended shooting sessions or defensive drills.


The reset on the Sig P365 XL’s trigger is short and tactile, providing clear feedback with each shot. This is beneficial for both novice shooters and experienced users, as it allows for faster follow-up shots. After the trigger is released, the reset is easily felt and heard, allowing you to quickly get back on target and prepare for the next shot.

From my personal experience, the short and positive reset enhances shooting speed and accuracy. When firing multiple rounds in quick succession, the distinct reset point helps maintain a steady rhythm and reduces the likelihood of short-stroking the trigger. This feature is particularly useful in defensive situations where rapid, accurate shots are required.

The reset, combined with the overall trigger feel, makes the P365 XL a good choice for those who want a reliable and responsive trigger system. Whether you’re practicing at the range or using the gun for personal defense, the quality of the trigger reset plays a critical role in overall performance.

Maintenance For P365

Maintaining the Sig P365 XL is straightforward and user-friendly, even for novice shooters. The process begins with a simple field strip, which involves removing the magazine, ensuring the chamber is empty, and then dropping the slide using the takedown lever. The slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly come apart easily, allowing for thorough cleaning.

In my experience, the P365 XL’s components are robust and well-designed, making maintenance a breeze. The recoil spring assembly, in particular, is durable and easy to handle. Regular cleaning and lubrication are essential to keep the gun performing reliably, and the P365 XL makes this task uncomplicated.

After a shooting session, I typically clean the barrel and slide, wipe down the frame, and lightly lubricate the moving parts. This routine ensures that the firearm remains in top condition and functions flawlessly.

Comparing the P365 XL to other handguns I’ve owned, I find that SIG’s attention to detail in the design of the P365 XL makes maintenance less of a chore. Everything fits together seamlessly, and there are no small parts that are easy to lose during disassembly and reassembly.

For anyone considering this gun, you can expect a straightforward maintenance routine that doesn’t require advanced gunsmithing skills.


The aesthetics of the Sig P365 XL are modern and appealing. The sleek lines and smooth finish give it a professional look that stands out among other handguns.

The black nitron finish on the slide adds durability and resistance to wear, ensuring that the gun maintains its appearance even after extensive use.

Taking a closer look at the design, the P365 XL features a slightly longer slide and frame compared to the standard P365, which adds to its balanced and purposeful look. The extended grip is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, providing a good balance between a small grip and the need for a full-hand hold.

This combination makes it aesthetically pleasing while also being functional.

From a personal perspective, I appreciate the blend of form and function in the P365 XL. The textured grip modules not only enhance handling but also add to the overall visual appeal of the gun. The clean, uncluttered lines and subtle branding give it a refined and professional appearance, making it a firearm I’m proud to carry and show off.


Shooting the Sig P365 XL is a satisfying and reliable experience. The gun’s ergonomics, combined with its high-quality components, make it a joy to shoot. The recoil spring assembly does an excellent job of managing recoil, making the gun stable and easy to control, even for those with smaller hands.

When I take the P365 XL to the range, I’m consistently impressed by its accuracy and handling. The longer slide and barrel length contribute to a steadier aim and tighter groupings at various distances. Whether I’m aiming for close-range targets or reaching out to longer distances, the P365 XL performs admirably.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about shooting the P365 XL is its trigger. The flat-faced trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull, which is essential for maintaining accuracy. The short reset allows for quick follow-up shots, making it an excellent choice for both defensive scenarios and range practice.

I’ve found that the trigger feel is superior to many other guns in the same category, providing a crisp break and minimal overtravel.

In practical terms, the P365 XL is capable of handling various types of ammunition without any issues. I’ve run numerous brands and loads through it, and it has reliably fed and ejected every round without a hitch. This reliability is crucial for a concealed carry firearm, as you need to trust that it will perform flawlessly when you need it most.

From drawing the gun to hitting targets, the P365 XL manages every aspect of shooting with precision and ease. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just getting into the world of handguns, the P365 XL offers a shooting experience that’s hard to beat.

It’s a well-rounded firearm that excels in both functionality and aesthetics, making it a standout choice in the market.

The SIG Sauer P365 XL is an exceptional firearm that balances size, capacity, and performance. Its straightforward maintenance, appealing aesthetics, and excellent shooting characteristics make it a top choice for those seeking a reliable everyday carry option.

Whether you’re a novice shooter or an experienced gun owner, the P365 XL is a handgun that delivers on all fronts.


In conclusion, the Sig P365 XL stands out as one of the best options for those looking for a reliable, versatile, and efficient concealed carry handgun. From my personal experience, the P365 XL excels in multiple areas, making it a standout choice in the market. Here are some key takeaways:

Ergonomics and Comfort: The P365 XL’s slightly longer grip and slide length make it more comfortable to shoot compared to smaller guns with shorter grips. It fits well in the hand, providing a secure hold that enhances control and reduces felt recoil.

Trigger and Reset: The flat-faced trigger offers a smooth pull and a crisp break, while the short reset facilitates quick follow-up shots. This combination makes the P365 XL a joy to shoot, whether you’re at the range or in a defensive situation.

Sights and Optics: The standard X-RAY3 Day/Night sights are excellent for quick target acquisition, and the optic-ready slide allows for the easy mounting of micro red dots like the Shield RMSc, further enhancing accuracy.

Maintenance: The P365 XL is straightforward to maintain. Its robust design and easy disassembly make cleaning and upkeep simple tasks, even for novice shooters.

Reliability and Performance: Throughout my time using the P365 XL, it has proven to be incredibly reliable. It handles various types of ammunition without issue and consistently delivers tight groupings at different distances.

The P365 XL is a well-rounded handgun that combines the best aspects of compact and full-sized pistols. It offers the concealability needed for everyday carry while providing the performance and capacity that make it a formidable defensive tool. For anyone in the market for a new concealed carry gun, the Sig P365 XL is an excellent choice.


How many rounds does the Sig P365 XL hold?

The standard magazine capacity is 12 rounds, but you can also use 15-round extended magazines for more capacity.

Is the P365 XL suitable for beginners?

Yes, the P365 XL is a good choice for novice shooters due to its manageable recoil, easy maintenance, and user-friendly features.

Can the P365 XL accommodate a red dot sight?

Yes, the slide is cut to allow for the easy mounting of a micro red dot optic, such as the Shield RMSc, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition.

How does the P365 XL compare to the standard P365?

The P365 XL has a slightly longer slide and grip, offering better control and higher capacity while still being compact enough for concealed carry.

What types of holsters work well with the P365 XL?

There are many holster options available, including IWB (Inside Waistband), OWB (Outside Waistband), and appendix carry holsters from various manufacturers.

Is the Sig P365 XL reliable?

Yes, the P365 XL is highly reliable and capable of handling various types of ammunition without any issues. It’s built to perform consistently in both range and defensive scenarios.

How easy is it to maintain the P365 XL?

The P365 XL is easy to maintain. Disassembling the firearm for cleaning is straightforward, and its components are durable and designed for simple upkeep.

What are the main benefits of the P365 XL’s trigger?

The flat-faced trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull with a crisp break, and the short reset allows for quick follow-up shots, enhancing overall shooting performance.

How does the P365 XL handle recoil?

The P365 XL manages recoil very well, thanks to its slightly longer slide and effective recoil spring assembly. This makes it easier to control and more comfortable to shoot.

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