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Ryan McMillan
Former NSW
Director of Operations

Ryan McMillan is the owner of McMillan Tactical Products, LLC and McMillan Operator Development, LLC whose vision in creating these businesses was to pass on his experience and knowledge to current United States and allied service members.  Since his time as owner, Ryan has successfully broadened the McMillan Group presence in the areas of Military, Law Enforcement and Government Entities.

In his military career, Ryan served as Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) special operator.  He spent nearly 7 years on active duty and is a two-time Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veteran who has conducted various types of missions profiles to include sniping, direct action (entry), personal security and training of foreign allies.

Mark Spicer Ret. British Army Sergeant Major
Director of Training

Retired British Army Sergeant Major Mark Spicer served his country for 25 years.  His experiences in real world counter terrorist operations gained him a broad range of knowledge in various fields.

Mr. Spicer served most of his Army career as sniper and is a qualified (8541) US Marine Corps Sniper and German Mountain (Alpine) Sniper.  He gained a worldwide reputation in the sphere of sniping that led to frequent requests from many of the worlds premier units to assist in their training and sniper tactics including NATO and the multiple middle eastern countries.

He is now the author of two successful books on the subject of sniping and was selected by the US Government as their expert witness during the Washington DC sniper trials.  Mark is currently working with McMillan to design high-grade anti-terrorism courses for the Military and Law Enforcement community.

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