Molded-In Colors to Create a Unique Marble Pattern.

Molded in colors are the most durable finish we offer. With a molded-in finish, the color is impregnated into the gelcoat, or exterior surface layer of the stock. All of the molded-in finishes below should be considered utility-grade. Mold lines, sanding marks and small imperfections may be visible.

Molded-in stocks are provided with a matte finish to minimize light reflection. After receiving your stock, some customers take it upon themselves to further wetblock sand and buff the surface to achieve a polished, warm lustre finish. This is particularly attractive with marble patterns.

A molded-in stock will weigh several ounces more than a painted stock due to the additional resin material that is used.

We do our best to make your particular finish as attractive as possible. However, we are limited in what can be accomplished with molded-in colors. Solid colors, especially darker ones, produce the greatest challenge, whereas the camouflage patterns tend to look better because the various colors and shapes hide imperfections. Marbled colors offer the best choice for creating a finished look with a molded-in color.

Marble finishes - A marble finish is created by swirling two or three different colors into the surface of the stock. The result is a beautiful effect that is unique to your stock. McMillan pioneered this finish, which has become a familiar hallmark of our brand.

The most popular marble finishes are shown on these pages. Virtually any color combination is possible, but we strongly suggest you call us first to discuss your preferences, as some color combinations are inherently more pleasing than others.

Note that a marble finish can be used as an effective camouflage pattern when using olive green, black, grey and other common camo colors.

Each finish is done by hand and it is impossible to duplicate any particular marble pattern. Because marbling is created in the mold under pressure, patterns are random and not controllable. Specific vertical or horizontal patterns are not possible. Also, colors will change shades somewhat due to the mixing of colors while the swirling is done. Marble stocks may not be returned because of dissatisfaction with the color. However, you may opt to have us paint the stock at our regular price.

The colors below are used to create molded-in swirled marble and camo finishes. Solid molded in colored stocks are not available from McMillan.

Choose any 2 or 3 of the molded in colors to create a unique swirled marble pattern finish for your custom stock. Literally thousands of different patterns can be created, including any you see in this catalog or on our website. No two stocks are ever made alike.