TAC®-338 McMILLAN Tactical Rifle


Cutting edge ballistics in a cutting edge tactical rifle.McMillan tactical rifle, TAC-338

The TAC-338 is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum or .338 Norma Magnum with a heavy, match-grade 26.5″ barrel. The TAC-338 includes a muzzle brake as standard. The McMillan A-5 tactical stock features a spacer system, integral adjustable cheekpiece, and flush mount swivel cups. The TAC-338A includes a detachable box magazine. The TAC-338B includes a hinged floorplate.

McMillan tactical rifle, TAC-338

(1) Adjustable Cheekpiece. An integral adjustable cheekpiece positions your head perfectly.

(2) Tight Benchrest Tolerances. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical tolerances and fit by hand. The barrel axis is perfectly in line with the bolt axis. The bolt face and action face are perpendicular to the barrel axis. The action is pillar-bedded into the stock and the barrel is free-floated. All dimensions are held to competition benchrest standards.

(3) Square-Surfaced Recoil Lugs. Recoil lugs are surface ground on both sides and pinned to the receiver to produce a perfectly square mating between the action face and the barrel shank.

(4) Muzzle Brake Provided. A muzzle brake is standard on the TAC-338. Threaded cap not included as standard but available as an option.

(5) Match Grade Barrels. All McMillan barrels are premium-selected, hand-lapped, match-grade barrels from the finest barrel makers in the country. Barrels are stainless steel with a matte finish.

(6) Accessories Are Available. Bipods, scopes, night vision, extra magazines, slings and other options are available through McMillan.

(7) Hinged Floorplate or Detachable Box Magazine. A positive functioning hinged steel floorplate provides easy unloading, yet is more rugged than production firearms to withstand the rigors of daily field use. Or you may choose our floorplate system that includes a reliable-feeding detachable box magazine. The prominent magazine release can be operated easily with gloved fingers.

(8) Crisp Trigger. The trigger is tuned to a 3 lb. pull which is standard for most professional tactical organizations. The trigger pull can be adjusted by any-competent gunsmith.

tactical rifle, tac-338

Rifles are sold separately or as a complete tactical rifle kit, including rifle, scope, case and accessories. Kits are available with or without night vision equipment. Call for contract pricing.

 Rifle – TAC-338
Rifle A
Rifle B
Package A
Package B

ActionG30 McMillan Long Action
Chambered in .338 Lapua Mag or .338 Norma Mag
Drilled and Tapped for 8×40 Scope Base Screws
BarrelMatch Grade
1-10″ Twist
Medium-Heavy Contour
26.5″ Barrel With Muzzle Brake
Detachable Box Magazine System
1-5 Round Magazine
Hinged Floorplate System
TriggerAdjustable set at 3 lbs
StockA-5 with Butthook
Integral Adjustable Cheekpiece
LOP Spacer System
1 Stud
6 Flushmount Cups w/ 1-1/4″ Sling Loops
FinishNP3 Bolt
Metal Finish (to match stock) – Black, Olive, Gray, Tan, or Dark Earth
Package Accessories
Leupold Mk 4 3-10x40mm M1 Mil Dot
1750 Pelican Case
McMillan 20 MOA Long Action Base
30mm Rings
Harris HEBR Swivel Bipod 6″ – 9″
Turner Saddlery Synthetic
Leather Sling
McMillan Rifle Cleaning Kit
+3 – 5 Round Magazines
McMillan Drag Bag
Additional Upgrades
Night Force 8-32x56mm Mil Dot$558$558$558$558
McCann Night Vision Rail Mount$278$278$278$278
Jewell Trigger$150$150$150$150
Additional G30 Maintenance Kits
Ejector Kit$25.15$25.15$25.15$25.15
Extractor Kit$51.42$51.42$51.42$51.42
Bolt Stop Kit$53.91$53.91$53.91$53.91
Additional Accessories
Elite Iron Suppressor$925$925$925$925
5 Round Magazine$75$75
Otis Field Cleaning Kit$49.99$49.99$49.99$49.99

*Package saving discount is compared to individual package components purchased separately.