TAC®-50 A1-R2

Hydraulic Recoil Mitigation Reduces Peak Recoil 90%

McMillan TAC<sup>®</sup>-50 A1-R2




Overwhelming Force. Benchrest Accuracy at Extreme Range.

McMillan introduces a new hydraulic recoil mitigation system for the TAC®-50 tactical rifle in 50 BMG. Named the TAC®-50 A1-R2, the new rifle system reduces the peak recoil from the 50 BMG cartridge by approximately 90 percent.

The heart of the new TAC-50 A1-R2 recoil mitigation system is a proprietary hydraulic piston in the buttstock. As the rifle is fired, the piston compresses, softening the recoil by lowering the peak recoil force and spreading out the recoil over several milliseconds. The sensation for the shooter is that of a long push, rather than a violent punch.

Without the R2 recoil mitigation system, the peak recoil from a 50 BMG cartridge is approximately 7,500 lbs. of force. From start to finish, the recoil lasts 1 millisecond in a machine rest. With the R2 system, the peak recoil is only approximately 520 lbs. of force. What’s more, the force is spread out over 6 milliseconds. While the total recoil energy is roughly the same, the hydraulic piston lowers the perception of recoil dramatically for a shooter by lowering the peak force and spreading the recoil out over time.

Additional recoil reduction is provided by the proprietary muzzle brake offered on the 
TAC-50 A1-R2.

McMillan developed the new R2 system in partnership with customers using the TAC-50 weapons system around the world. Extensive testing with electronic load sensors and high speed photography documented the recoil mitigation. Then actual field testing with customers resulted in subtle refinements. The result is a 50 caliber rifle that is significantly more comfortable to shoot.

In addition to the new R2 recoil mitigation system, the TAC-50 A1-R2 features a new take-down A1-style fiberglass stock with a forend that is 5” longer than the original TAC-50 stock, moving the balance point for the bipod forward. The TAC-50 A1-R2 includes a saddle-type cheekpiece. The removable buttstock is attached to the rifle with a quick-detach push pin. The stock incorporates a smaller pistol grip to fit a wider range of hand shapes, with and without gloves.

The TAC-50 A1-R2 has a new bipod that is lighter, yet sturdier than the original TAC-50. The legs adjust vertically, as well as forward and rearward to fine tune the rifle for elevation.

A new magazine system offers a positive, self-locking magazine latch that is easier to operate with gloved hands. The magazine release lever is repositioned ahead of the trigger bow.

As with the original TAC-50, the TAC-50 A1-R2 features a 29” premium selected, hand-lapped match grade free-floating barrel, threaded muzzle brake, detachable 5-round box magazine, tuned 3.5 lb. trigger, and extra-long bolt handle to clear large optics. It utilizes the proven McMillan 50 caliber action. All components are built to benchrest precision tolerances.

The McMillan TAC-50 product line continues to be used by military forces around the world as both an ultra-long range anti-personnel tactical rifle, as well as an anti-materiel rifle used for disabling assets at long range. For many military units, it is the benchmark for extreme long range accuracy in a tactical rifle weapons system.

TAC®-50 A1-R2 reduces peak recoil force by 90%

McMillan TAC<sup>®</sup>-50 A1-R2

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ActionMcMillan 50 caliber
McMillan 30 MOA Picatinny rail
Drilled and tapped for 8×32 scope base screws
Caliber50 BMG
MagazineDetachable box, 5-round
StockMcMillan TAC-50 A1-R2
Adjustable saddle-type cheekpiece
4 flushmount cups with 1 1/4″ sling loops
A1 bipod
Decelerator pad
LOP spacer system
BarrelMatch grade, hand lapped, free floating, fluted
29″ Navy contour
Threaded muzzle
Threaded McMillan muzzle brake
1 in 15″ twist
TriggerAdjustable, set at 3.5 lbs.
FinishNP3 bolt
Metal finish to match stock: black, olive, gray, tan, or dark earth
R2 Recoil

Price: $11,990