TAC®-50 McMillan Tactical Rifle

Overwhelming force delivered with benchrest accuracy
at extreme range.

TAC-50 McMillan tactical rifle

 NSN: 1005015257716          Military Designation: Mk-15

The legendary McMillan TAC-50 has seen combat around the world and is the preferred issue 50 caliber for many government and law enforcement agencies as a Long Range Sniper Rifle. The TAC-50’s strength is both as a long-range anti-materiel and an anti-personnel firearm where precision accuracy and high power are required at extreme ranges.

The TAC-50 is based on the McMillan 50 caliber action – the same action that dominates 50 caliber benchrest competition. A premium match grade barrel, tuned trigger, hand bedded McMillan fiberglass stock and meticulous benchrest gunsmithing contribute to the extreme accuracy for which the TAC-50 is known.

As an anti-materiel rifle, the TAC-50 can precisely disable enemy assets from long range for a relatively low cost. Various military armor-piercing, incendiary and explosive ammunition for the 50 BMG provides an inexpensive means of neutralizing lightly armored targets. For example, one well placed round in an engine block will stop a vehicle. The rifle is also effective against radar equipment, communications equipment, crew-served weapons, mechanical targets and similar targets. The 50 BMG will penetrate most commercial brick or concrete walls.

Due to its superior benchrest-level accuracy, the TAC-50 is seeing growing interest as an ultra-long range anti-personnel tactical rifle. Whereas the effective range of the 7.62 NATO (.308 Win) is generally assumed to be 1000 meters, the TAC-50 commonly engages targets beyond 2000 meters. At this range, the superior accuracy of the bolt action TAC-50 provides greater practical effectiveness than semi-automatic rifles. As an example, the Canadian military uses the TAC-50 as its primary Long Range Sniper Weapon due to its dual ability to handle both long-range precision, as well as anti-materiel roles. Rob Furlong of the Canadian Army used a TAC-50 to execute a confirmed 2430 meter (2657 yard) shot in Afghanistan, setting the world record for the longest successful tactical shot in combat.

Despite its power, the TAC-50 is surprisingly easy to shoot owing to the proprietary design of the McMillan muzzle brake and geometry of the stock.

The bolt action TAC-50 in 50 BMG is legal for civilians to own in all states in the U.S. except California. The TAC-50 is owned by collectors, competitors and sophisticated shooting enthusiasts. Numerous civilian matches for 50 caliber long range competition are held around the country throughout the year. Several websites and shooting organizations are dedicated to owning and shooting the 50 BMG.

tactical sniper rifle

(1) Saddle Cheekpiece. The saddle cheekpiece adjusts for proper head position.

(2) Tight Benchrest Tolerances. Barrel threads and the chamber are cut to critical tolerances and fit by hand. The barrel axis is perfectly in line with the bolt axis. The bolt face and action face are perpendicular to the barrel axis. The action is pillar-bedded into the stock and the barrel is free-floated. All dimensions are held to competition benchrest standards.

(3) Extra Long Bolt Handle. The long bolt handle is designed to clear large optics used on this type of firearm. It also eases in extraction of cases for faster cycle times.

(4) Square-Surfaced Recoil Lug. The recoil lug is surface ground on both sides and pinned to the receiver to produce a perfectly square mating between the action face and the barrel shank.

(5) Anti-Glare Duracoat Coating. Most exterior metal surfaces receive a Duracoat coating. This provides additional corrosion resistance for harsh environments and gives an excellent base coat for tactical marksmen who will later paint their firearms to match the urban or field conditions where they are deployed.

(6) Muzzle Brake Provided. The TAC-50 brake is our own design specifically made to tame the 50 caliber recoil.

(7) Fluting Saves Weight and Promotes Cooling. Yet barrel stiffness is not compromised, promoting accuracy.

(8) Match Grade Barrel. All McMillan barrels are premium-selected, hand-lapped, match-grade barrels from the finest barrel makers in the country. Barrels are chrome-moly steel.

(9) Heavy Duty Bipod. The TAC-50 bipod is made of steel, not aluminum, and is ruggedized for 50 caliber recoil.

(10) Detachable Box Magazine. A positive functioning floorplate system includes a reliable-feeding detachable box magazine.

(11) Crisp Trigger. The trigger is tuned to a 3 lb. pull which is standard for most professional tactical organizations. The trigger pull can be adjusted by any competent gunsmith.

(12) McMillan Detachable Stock. The detachable McMillan Take Down 50 Caliber stock allows the TAC-50 to break down into a discrete, portable size.

(13) Spacer System. A spacer system allows you to customize the length of pull to the dimensions of your body and the bulk of your outerwear.

The rail and rings on a TAC-50 rifle are black. McMillan recommends not painting them to match the finish of the rifle.

TAC-50, sniper rifle

Rifles are sold separately or as a complete tactical rifle kit, including rifle, scope, case and accessories. Kits are available with or without night vision equipment. Call for contract pricing.

 Rifle – TAC-50
Rifle $9,990Package $11,990
($862 Savings)*
ActionMcMillan 50 BMG
Chambered in .50 BMG
McMillan 30 MOA (1/2 deg)
Scope Base
Drilled and Tapped for 8×32 Scope Base Screws
BarrelMatch Grade
1-15″ Twist
Navy Contour
29″ Barrel Threaded with Muzzle Brake
Detachable Box Magazine System
1 – 50 Caliber Magazine
TriggerAdjustable set at 3.5 lbs
StockMcMillan TAC-50 with Butthook
Adjustable Saddle – Type Cheekpiece
LOP Spacer System
4 Flushmount Cups w/ 1-1/4″ Sling Loops
FinishNP3 Bolt
Metal Finish (to match stock) – Black, Olive, Gray, Tan, or Dark Earth
Package Accessories
Leupold Mk 4 16x40mm M1 Mil Dot
1750 Pelican Case
30mm Rings
Turner Saddlery Synthetic Leather Sling
McMillan Rifle Cleaning Kit
+1 – 5 Round .50 Magazines
McMillan Drag Bag
Additional Upgrades
McCann Night Vision Rail Mount$296$296
Night Force 8-32x56mm Mil Dot$358$358
Jewell Trigger w/bottom safety$150$150
Additional TAC-50 Maintenance Kits
Ejector Kit$18.75$18.75
Extractor Kit$90.06$90.06
Bolt Stop Kit$63.96$63.96
Additional Accessories
Elite Iron Suppressor$1,600$1,600
5 Round Magazine$390$390
Otis Field Cleaning Kit$49.99$49.99

*Package saving discount is compared to individual package components purchased separately.