McMillan Firearms Division Purchased by Strategic Armory Corps, LLC

McMillan Firearms Division Purchased by Strategic Armory Corps, LLC
McMillan announced today Strategic Armory Corps has purchased McMillan Firearms. The sale does not include McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. Details

McMillan offers several training options

McMillan Training Courses
Sign up for McMillan’s new five-day intensive course dedicated to extreme long range shooting. The course will be held in Roswell, NM. This training is designed to push you beyond what you thought was possible.

McMillan Introduces the CS5

Interchangeable component customization gives one rifle many identities. Customize your rifle for your specific application. Details

McMillan EOL Magnum Rifles

McMillan EOL Mountain Extreme™
For ultra-long range hunting, see McMillan’s new EOL Mountain Extreme. Rifles are built for the EOL MAG series of cartridges developed in conjunction with TV host Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits. Details

McMillan TAC-50 A1-R2 Rifle

TAC®-50 A1-R2
Check out McMillan’s new custom tactical rifle in the TAC® Series. It features a new hydraulic recoil mitigation system that reduces peak recoil 90%. Details

McMillan Caping Knife

McMillan Caping Knife
Check out McMillan’s new 2013 Caping Knife.

McMillan African Dangerous Game Ammunition

McMillan Launches
3 Lines of Ammunition

New Ammo lines include McMillan Extreme Velocity, McMillan Tactical and McMillan Precision. See what ammo fits your needs.

McMillan Introduces the CS5

McMillan Celebrates Forty Great Years
2013 marks McMillan’s 40th anniversary, it has been a wonderful journey thanks to you and your support. For fun, check out our timeline. Timeline

Credit Card Processing for the Firearms Industry

Credit Card Processing for the Firearms Industry
Kelly McMillan launches McMillan Merchant Solutions, a credit card processing company developed by the firearms industry for the firearms industry. Details

Give Us Your Best Shot!
Are you a proud owner of a McMillan rifle? Do you want to secure bragging rights? Then send us your shooting target(s) and we’ll post them on our web page for all to see. Details

Follow McMillan Connect with McMillan

McMillan 40th Anniversary Giveaway

Enter to Win
Enter McMillan’s weekly drawing for a chance to win cool stuff. Contest ends December 31, 2013. Enter Now. Details

Winner of the Week:
George Paul Shaw, Jr MD &
John Yandell.

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